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The United States and Mexico are on the brink of a major agreement on the sharing of water from the Colorado River Basin.  UNM water expert John Fleck calls the agreement a win-win and another great step forward in the rational allocation of the American Southwest’s most necessary resource.  In the face of a 17 year drought, dented only a bit by a wetter 2017, more people in the southwest, city-dwellers and farmers, have learned to use less water.  

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De-confliction…keeping Russian and American forces from fighting each other, even as their proxy warriors battle on in Syria has been working pretty well.  But as endgame in the war against the Islamic State gets nearer, James Sladden of the RAND Corporations says, de-confliction is getting harder to sustain.  The Euphrates River, once a dividing line, has been crossed by Russian allies, and US allies are both complaining and fighting back.

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Before he left to become White House Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly assembled a team at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service that is very smart, very experienced, and very dedicated to the principle that "illegal" immigrants are bad people.  Marcelo Rochbrun of Pro Publica on an ICE operation in high gear, arresting and deporting.  

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Was there a secret deal between the largest California Agri-business growers and the Trump Administration?  Big campaign contributions producing few ICE raids in the Central Valley?  The raiders have stayed away, but fear still paralyzed workers and kept them out of the fields.  Investigative journalist Lauren Markham on why food prices may be going up. 

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Dr. William Perry is about to celebrate his 90th birthday and continues to pursue one of his life’s central goal, containing the threat of nuclear weapons.  He says today’s nuclear threat is frightening. North Korea is a big worry, but so is the state of once-cooperative relations between the US and Russia.

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A US Marine is wounded and a Reuters photographer captures what happened.  Years later, both are still alive, both are back home, and both are struggling to transition to something different from combat.  Thomas Brennan, the former platoon sergeant and Finbarr O’Reilly have written a fine book SHOOTING GHOSTS about how their friendship helped change their lives.  We talk about 2 questions never asked on the battlefield: “Why are we here?” and “Whose lives are we making better?” 

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It will soon be 5 years since French troops landed in Mali, to help the pathetic government there defeat Islamist terrorists who had seized the northern third of the country.  The Islamists have been pushed back, but ethnic tensions continue, and does fighting between northern Malian Tuaregs and Central and Southern Malians. The Malian government is still pathetic and if anything, less popular, and the French are still on duty. And the UN peacekeeping force that supplements has the highest death rate of any UN forces presently serving. Michael Shurkin of the RAND Corporation has an in depth look at trouble in Mali

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The last time the US Border Patrol went on a hiring spree, standards were lowered, training was cut short, Spanish skills were neglected, and the results were a catastrophe.  People were hired despite past criminal records, or worse, present connections to Mexican drug cartels.  Abuse of immigrants went epidemic.  Now, Ron Nixon of the NY Times reports, the Border Patrol hiring campaign has a new focus, radically reformed training and a heavy emphasis on language skills…preaches one instructor, you can’t just shoot people. 

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Even a Federal Judge seems to see evidence of racial profiling and racial bias in at least one of the 28 arrests of African-Americans in a 2016 series of drug and gun crime raids by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in Albuquerque.  Jeff Proctor of NM in Depth and the Santa Fe Reporter, who first broke the story, notes, African Americans represent 3% of the ABQ population, 27% of those the ATF arrested and 60% of the confidential informants ATF used to drive the crime campaign. 

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People who depend on Medicare of Medicaid have only 2 choices for nursing homes or rehabilitation centers in Santa Fe, NM. Thomas Cole, Investigative Reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican found that one is consistently rated below average, the other is way below that.  The State and Federal governments are supposed to monitor quality of care, but results indicate they are failing to do so because bad ratings can persist for years without correction. 

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