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Few countries on earth have had some a terrible record for killing and violently abusing its citizens as Guatemala. The rule of law there is so shaky an international tribunal under the UN has been called in to prosecute national-scale criminals.  Film-maker Pamela Yates has helped uncover the crimes, even helped convict the former President Gen. Efrain Rios Montt.  Her documentaries When the Mountains Treble and Granito: How to Nail a Dictator have won many awards and her new film 500 Years opens this week.

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95% of Americans polled said they wanted the right to sue in court, banks and financial institutions they believed had cheated them. 89% said they wanted the right to file class-action lawsuits.  Well, too bad for them, as the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress have just overturned a rule that enabled both such legal actions and restricted the banks’ right to compulsory arbitration. Ira Rheingold, executive director the National Association of Consumer Advocates on what this means for you and your banker. 

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For years, geologists suspected there were faults beneath the surface of the land of southeastern Colorado and across the state lin in Northeast New Mexico.  Then fracking came to the area, as natural gas was extracted and waste waters were stored deep underground.  Following that, starting in 2001 the Raton Basin was hit by a series of small earthquakes.  Geophysicist Jenny Nakai of the University of Colorado, Boulder connects the dots and explains the mechanics of the connection between deep storage of waste water and earthquakes expected to grow in number and amplitude.

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Just as it appeared that the American Midwest, the Rust Belt, was going to go belly up, just as a whole generation of White 20 and 30-somethings were leaving the region, an influx of immigrants saved the day.  John Austin one of the Midwest’s top economic development experts at the University of Michigan tells the story of how newcomers from South and Southeast Asia, the Mideast, Africa and Latin America are re-populating and re-making the small cities and towns of mid-America. 

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A pair of identical 17 year old twins flee the gang-culture of El Salvador and are arrested after crossing the American border.  What happens next?  They’re reunited with an older brother in California and then, their real struggles begin.  Getting Green Cards; getting an education; finding jobs to pay off the family debt their flight to El Norte incurred.  Lauren Markham wrote the exceptional book THE FAR AWAY BROTHERS about their story. 

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 Two major attempts at secession - Kurds from Iraq, Catalans from Spain - have gone awry, and the fallout will be a long time fully assessing.  But Brookings Institution analyst James Kirchick, the author the book, THE END OF EUROPE looks at both and that other separation anxiety-raiser BREXIT.  One big difference between the Kurdish and Catalan movements…the first has overwhelming majority support, the second, maybe not so much.

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The quarterhorse racetrack Ruidoso Downs is one of New Mexico’s cultural capitols, but investigative reporter Joe Tone’s new book Bones reveals how the track and the sport were corrupted by dirty money from Mexico’s most violent drug cartel, the Zetas.  It’s a family saga of cross-border crime and punishment…and of a young FBI-man’s first big case… with only one missing ingredient: real justice for the man most heavily charged and sentenced. 

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Kurdish fighters have played key roles in expelling the Islamic State from Mosul and Raqqa in Iraq and Syria.  Massoud Barzani, the leader of the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq thought independence should be his people’s reward.  But he overbid his hand. Now Barzani has resigned, and his people are menaced by Iraqi and Iranian armed forces. Kenneth Rosen of the NY Times watched this tragedy unfold.  Did the Trump White House take its eye off the ball with disastrous results for American influence in the region?  

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Under pressure from lawsuits and the NM Legislature, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe has released a list of 74 priests “credibly accused” of sexual abuse of children.  But Ellen Berkovitch, the leader of KSFR’s Investigative Unit and its series Dark Canyon says that list, long as it is, may not be complete, and neither are the reforms Archbishop John Wester says he’s put in place.  The founder of the Servants of the Paraclete wanted his program to help alcoholic priests.  Treating Pedophiles, he said, was asking too much.

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Almost all the experts agree, there is no viable military solution to America’s nuclear crisis with North Korea.  But Joseph Cirincione, the President of the Ploughshares Fund and author of Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late, worries the exception may be President Donald Trump.  He told Sean Hannity the US had a 97% chance of intercepting any North Korean ICBMs.  Cirinione says flatly, that’s wrong, dangerously wrong.  

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