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Venezuela, for decades a prosperous and proud nation is now defined by stores with nothing to sell, hospitals with no medicines to give, and streets red with blood from violent vigilante mobs, protesters and military and security forces.  AP Bogota Buro Chief Josh Goodman on the economic, political and social implosion in Caracas, the capitol next door.  President Nicolas Maduro has declared a State of Emergency and seems to be moving closer to the military.  The opposition controls the legislature and wants a referendum to toss Maduro out.  The search for compromise isn’t turning up much.

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You know their names, Janet Yellin, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker…but do you know how much power these Chairs of the Federal Reserve Board now wield over the American economy.  Scholar and author Lawrence Jacobs of the University of Minnesota says the Fed’s powers have grown too great to do anyone but Wall Street much good.  The co-author of the new book Fed Power on how the Federal Reserve was created, checked and balanced, and then allowed to escape virtually all Federal oversight and regulation.

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I say Darfur; you say genocide…but when you finish with this political Rohrshach test, the next question is harder: What will the world actually do about the mass murder of civilians in this western province of Sudan? Scholar and Darfur advocate Ahmed H Adam of the Institute for African Development at Cornell University in Cairo’s has a forth-coming book and its title is telling: it’s Darfur Betrayed: An Insider Perspective.  What’s he talking about?  Well, a recent referendum of Darfur’s future has gotten a lot of international acceptance, Adam says it doesn’t deserve.

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When terrorists attack civilian targets as they did in Paris and Brussels the first impacts are personal and political, but make no mistake, the costs of terrorism are also economic.  Washington-based economist Gary Hufbauer of the Peterson Institute for International Economics looks at the latest attacks on the Euro and on economically and politically divided Europe.

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It was in the movie, All the President’s Men,” that the anonymous source “Deep Throat” told Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, on the trail of who the scandal that became known as “Watergate,” QUOTE “Follow the money.”  Well, if you want evidence of an economic shift from television to the internet, International Business Times media reporter Oriana Schwindt has the same advice – “follow the money.”

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The author of Lone Survivor and the Afghan who saved his life once called one another brother…now they don’t speak at all.  The story of a heroic friendship gone astray.  RM Ross Schniederman talks about his Newsweek cover story.

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Nigerian President Muhammedou Buhari is trying to clean up a corrupt government and a corrupt society while simultaneously fighting Boko Haram and gangs of oil industry extortionists. AP Lagos Buro Chief Michelle Faul on how he’s doing.

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A hedge fund kingpin and Goldman Sachs designed a fund of toxic mortgages and had them sold to suckers and made a billion bucks.  One little salesman was fined …the bosses got impunity.  Pulitzer Prize winner Jesse Eisinger lays out the sad story.

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First he sold his video business; then he became an EMT.  Now he leads medical care missions around the world.  Andrew Lustig of Santa Fe and Doctors Global Outreach on what he learned treating Syrian refugees in Jordan.

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The US has quietly been adding special forces fighters and regular military trainers in Iraq…but, says RAND Corporation senior analyst Linda Robinson, the results are not sufficient to defeat the Islamic State….and as for a planned battle to retake the city of Mosul, she says the Iraqi forces aren’t ready for the job.

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Bankrupt Greece is being bled economically by Europe and now find itself on the wrong side of the Continental barrier put up against Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees.  Reporter Alexander Clapp of Foreign Policy on the toll this double-dose of hard times is taking on Greeks. And their migrant guests.

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Among the unaccompanied minors caught crossing the US border, some 600 have been judged “the worst.”  But what does that mean? And who judged them and by what standard?  Reporter Tyche Hendricks of KQED radio’s California Report on the Office of Refugee Re-settlement’s juvenile detention system.

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After 15 years of American charges and Chinese denials of cyber-crimes like economic espionage and national security hacking, it looks like there’s been a dramatic diplomatic break-through.  Scott Warren Harold of the RAND Corporation on the sudden “cyber-truce” between Washington and Beijing.

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Libya has a new Government of National Accord, shaped by the UN, recognized by the US, the UK, France, Germany and other allies…so why can’t it leave the naval base it is occupying, much less govern Libya?  Award-winning Libyan journalist Mustafa Fetouri on life, crime and human trafficking.

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The US military says the Islamic State is losing in Iraq andSyria…but it’s still growing in Libya, Afghanistan and northwestAfrica.  Veteran Mideast journalist and author PatrickCockburn, on the al-Qaeda spin-off he’s been following sinceshortly after President Bush claimed “Mission Accomplished” inIraq. 

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A team of international expert prosecutors and investigatorsblasts the Mexican government for its utter failure to solve thecase of 43 disappeared college students.   Mark Stevensonof AP’s Overseas Press Club Award-winning Mexico City bureau on abungled case of apparent mass murder.

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