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In California’s Central Valley, America’s most productive food-producing region, there is widespread fear of President Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants.  Workers fear deportation, breaking families apart; farmers wonder who will harvest their crops.  Journalist Lauren Markham has talked with the migrants and their bosses.  But so far, most ICE raids have been in Southern California.  Will campaign contributions and personal relationships to Trump staffers add up to protection for workers and an industry in peril?

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Finally an eye-witness to conditions inside Trump-era detention facilities used for unaccompanied minor immigrants.  Dr Fernando Stein, President of the American Academy of Pediatricians has seen the kids, their bunks, their holding areas.  His report will shock you.  Put more than a dozen kids in a single area, he says, you expect a lot of noise.  At the El Paso holding center there was dead silence, kids staring dead-eyed from their bunks.

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New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez offered no suggestions during the State Legislature’s 60 day session earlier this year, but now she’s demanding a Special Session enact a full-scale overhaul of the budget-making process.  Milan Simonich on the Santa Fe New Mexican warns that’s an awfully big job for such a short session.  4 years ago, a rushed passage of a cut in corporate taxes, based on inaccurate estimates, enacted what has proved to be an economic disaster for the state. 

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Pictures of Western Washington Mental Hospital show an old-fashioned factory-sized institution, right out of the movie melodrama, The Snake Pit.  Seattle-based Associated Press investigative reporter Martha Bellisle says years of problems at the state’s largest mental hospital suggest the resemblance is more than skin-deep.  Dangerous inmates have escaped; needy inmates have been neglected; and relations between hospital management and staff, especially staff who work everyday with patients, could hardly be worse.

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It’s on everybody’s list of archeological marvels, the several Native American buildings in Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico.  The amazing capitol of Chaco Puebloan culture has some protection from invasion by the oil and gas industry, but Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank Clifford worries the protection could be too small-scale and too short-term to ward off the oncoming frackers.  The Bureau of Land Management predicts up to 4000 wells will be drilled as close as 10 miles from the UN World Heritage Site, Pueblo Bonito. 

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Last summer a flying squad of agents and informants working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) went to work in Albuquerque.  What they found, whom they arrested see, to have been pre-determined, and not necessarily in a good way.  Reporter Jeff Proctor of nmindepth,com has investigated, and says, the mission’s alleged goal, busting “the worst of the worst,” does not seem to have been fulfilled.  

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For more than 20 years Carol Weston has been “Dear Carol” the advice columnist of Girls Life magazine.  She is also a best-selling author of books aimed at that same audience of teenaged girls.  Her latest is called Speed of Life.  You could say of the lives and concerns of American girls, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Boys and how to relate to them; body image and how to get comfortable and confident with it; parents and co-existence. 

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For undocumented immigrants to the United States, the rules are changing.  And Caitlin Dickerson of the NY Times reports this can mean quicker arrest, and worse living conditions while in detention.  Right now, some of these changes are still just proposals, but the Trump White House says it’s going to make life harder for undocumented migrants from Mexico, Central America and Haiti.  The Trump plan calls for more agents for the Immigration Service and Border Patrol, more use of local lock-ups as detention facilities and denial of almost all legal, civil and human rights for the immigrants.  

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You get what you pay for, which makes the NM State Legislature a bargain, since it’s members get no salaries at all, just small per diems for the days they’re in Session.  This means for many NM law-makers, the free meals and gifts they get from lobbyists can make a difference in their lives, and for some lobbyists it can mean they get what they pay for.  Sandra Fish of uses big data to sort out winners and losers, although, she admits, NM could really improve the transparency of its governance.

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Whether or not the House-passed repeal, replace and ruin of Obamacare bill ever gets through the Senate, American health care will remain the world’s most expensive, and nowhere near the world’s best.  Journalist Elisabeth Rosenthal, herself an experienced physician, has written a new best-selling book, An American Sickness, which not only details the many failings of our healthcare system, but has lots of suggestions on how you can get your best value from it.

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Manufacturing pharmaceuticals has long been a highly profitable business.  But there were risks involved, high costs for research and development for drugs that might never work, or find a market.  But now, we have vulture pharma manufacturers, who buy old companies, dump all the expensive R&D and jack prices sky-high.  Investigative reporter Roddy Boyd on the rise and fall of Valeant the king of the vultures.  Wall Street loved this predatory model, and now some of the fattest hedge fund hogs are out billions of dollars.

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Opiate addiction is a major American problem, and the biggest drug pushers are the so-called legitimate manufacturers of opioid medicines.  So how come they are far less punished for putting millions of doses onto the streets than some schlub who sells 5 pills? Lenny Bernstein and Scott Higham won a George Polk Award for their series of investigative reports. Thet bring us up today on the fumbling Federal attempts to reign-in the billion-dollar opioid maker Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. 

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It’s been called the fastest-growing religious group in the Western Hemisphere: The cult of Santa Muerte, the Goddess of Death.  Millions have joined in Mexico…tens of thousands in the United States.  Albuquerque-based AP reporter Russell Contreras on what caused Catholic Church leaders in Texas and New Mexico to follow up on the denunciations of Santa Muerte by Pope Francis and church leaders in Mexico. Followers include drug criminals, sex workers and others who see themselves as outcasts from society.

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The vote for the National Legislature a year and a half ago, and polls taken in recent weeks show, 3 out of 4 Venezuelans want President Nicolas Maduro to leave office, and the sooner the better. Joshua Goodman, AP Buro Chief for northern South America has watched as support for, and protests by the opposition have grown.  Even after President Maduro called back an attempt by the Supreme Court to fire the Parliament, calls for his ouster have intensified.

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It looks like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won the referendum to restructure government to give him dictatorial powers.  But the vote was close and tainted by more than a million potentially illegal  ballots his supporters managed to get counted. Turkish-American journalist and scholar Pinar Tremblay sees trouble ahead.  Will Erdogan step up his purges from government jobs and his jailing of political opponents, and what about all those voters who think they’ve been cheated? 

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The US has dropped its biggest non-nuclear bomb on Islamic State hideouts in Afghanistan.  Former Afghan President Karzai calls his successor Abdel Ghani a “traitor” for authorizing the bombing. Will “the mother of all bombs” make a difference?  And for whom?  Journalist, author, aid worker and recent Kabul visitor, Will Everett on a country in which most of the young people want just one thing, a way out.  Is this any place for America to invest in to trying to build a future? 

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Let’s face it, American healthcare is a mess.  It costs us more and gives us less than most citizens get in every other First World country. And most of what’s been proposed by President Trump and the deadlocked Republicans in Congress will only make things worse.  NBC News Chief Business Correspondent and MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi sorts through the bad ideas and the consequences.  The next big decisions by the President and our legislators are only days away, and they could cost you your money or your life.

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Over almost 40 years of service, the SEVA Foundation has cured more than 3 million cases of blindness – most of them in poverty-stricken places in India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Guatemala and Paraguay.  They also work in 3 places in the United States, all of them serving Native Americans.  Optometrist Dr. Lindsey Marvel talks about restoring sight in India and the Kewa/Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico, where the SEVA program starts with curing visual problems and goes on to train local people to work with them, and help create a self-sustaining medical facility. 

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After a commando raid in Yemen which cost the American military one of its most expensive airplanes and, much worse, the life of Navy Seal “Ryan’ Owens, the White House called it a success.  But award-winning reporter Iona Craig sneaked into that dangerous country and trekked 1000 miles to see the target village and talk with survivors of a raid that killed more than 2 dozen civilians.  A success is not what she calls it.  As for the war itself, no one is winning, but Yemen’s civilians, killed by the thousands by American-supported Saudi and Emerati bombing, are now facing famine.

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President Trump’s persistent denigration of American journalists may aggravate us folks in the profession here in the United States, but Joel Simon, the Executive Director of The Committee to Protect Journalists says, when the “leader of the free world” knocks journalists it licenses dictators around the world to do much worse things, including threatening, jailing and even killing their most honest reporters.  Already, CPJ’s global surveys show, the practice of journalism has never been more dangerous.

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After initially shrugging off the Sarin gas attack on Syrian civilians, almost certainly by forces of President Bashar al-Assad, with the comment, “I’m not the world’s policeman, US President Donald Trump retaliated with 59 Cruise missiles against a Syrian Air Force Base.  Left unanswered, the all-too-familiar question --“And then what?  Journalist and author Charles Glass, one of the world’s real experts on Syria, and a frequent and recent visitor there helps us sort out some possible answers, as repercussions echo from Damascus to Washington to Moscow. 

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At the University of New Mexico, several of the key trends are turning downward.  Financial support from the dead-broke State are down, and so are enrollments.  Acting UNM President Chaouki Abdallah says many parts of his system are “broken” and in need of fixing.  One example – the University’s heavy dependence on part-time teachers known as adjuncts. Thy can fill many holes, Dr Abdallah says, but there are important roles on campus they cannot play.

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A President’s public decisions and his private fortune are supposed to be kept strictly separated.  But several credentialed ethicists say even President Trump’s inadequate promises are already bing abandoned.  There are decisions with ethical implications being made every day at the Trump White House.  Investigative reporter Justin Elliott on why so many of them are so controversial.  Is the President “draining the swamp,” of swamping the Washington drain with too many wrong choices? 

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The battle for Mosul, Iraq.  Correspondent Tony Cheng is just back from the front lines of the months-long allied campaign to expel the Islamic State, ISIS, from its most important city. American air power has been crucial in this fight, but has also been the cause of many civilian casualties, which are starting to run into the thousands.  And Tony also explains why reporters covering today’s wars always try to keep their feet and their vehicles on pavement.  

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First there was BREXIT, then the election of Donald Trump, and pundits were saying, the world is going hard right.  Then the Dutch hyper-nationalist identity politician Geert Wilders was upset, going down in flames in national elections. Now votes are coming up in Germany and France with mainstream parties and politicians under sharp pressure.  James Kirchick of Foreign Policy looks at those elections, and the role being played in them by millions of dollars in imported right-wing American money. 

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When a fired public employee becomes a whistleblower, reporters can check out the he said-they said charges by checking the public record.  But what happens when an arm of a public university says it is a separate non-profit and everything it does can be kept off the books? Daniel Libit of says, that’s when you have to sue them.  He’s asked the University of New Mexico Foundation about selling naming rights for the school’s iconic basketball arena, and gotten no answers…yet. 

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The best wall between you and financial predators, says Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answers Man, is the CFPB, the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau.  In less than 6 years it has saved consumers $11 Billion.  President Trump and Republicans in Congress want to tear it down.  Who stopped the Wells Fargo Bank scams? Who’s busted mortgage flim-flams at Citimortgage and Nationstar Financial?  And who stopped crooks preying on 9/11 first-responders and brain-damaged NFL veterans? The CPFB.  Close it down? 

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What happens to immigrant children detained at the US-Mexico border?  Their first stop is a large warehouse, subdivided by chain link fences into separate areas for boys and girls, men and women.  Dr. Fernando Stein, President, American Academy of Pediatrics says the lights are on 24/7 and kids are absolutely silent.  They’re likely to be there for days, and their next stop, while better, still feels like a jail, where their average stay is more than a month. Dr. Stein says simply, this is unhealthy. 

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President Donald Trump has called several of the most important components of the news media “enemies of the people.”  It’s an ugly charge with an ugly history.  Alan Miller, Founder and CEO of the News Literacy Project on what the charge means and how journalists and news consumers should respond to its challenge.   And then there’s the label “fake news.”  What is fake news, and has President Trump applied the label appropriately.  Does he really just mean, real news, I don’t like? 

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The 2017 session of the New Mexico Legislature ended with on vital piece of unfinished business.  The Legislature passed a budget, but Gov. Susana Martinez has promised to veto it and call for the law-makers to return to Santa Fe for a special Session.  Which is not to say that a lot did not get done in the 60 day session.  Matthew Reichbach of the New Mexico Political Report sorts things out. There were important reforms on the use of solitary confinement, and a big step forward towards a State Code of Ethics, but there was also a series of Martinez vetoes likely to be challenged in court.

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What will Iraq be like 100 years after the American invasion of 2003?  That’s the question, Iraqi author Hassan Blasim asked 10 of his fellow writers to address in short stories or a book called Iraq + 100.  One of those Iraqi writers is Anoud al-Anoud.  Like most of her colleagues,  Anoud predicts an Iraq still dominated by foreigners. Especially American foreigners.  Again, like almost all her colleagues, Anoud al-Anoud finds today’s Iraq an uncomfortable place to write in and lives as an expatriate.

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The American Southwest is full of animal species struggling against extinction.  The chances of survival of the jaguar, the ocelot and the Mexican Grey Wolf will almost certainly be made worse by President Trump’s planned 1954 mile wall on the US-Mexico border. Bryan Bird of the organization Defenders of Wildlife explains why the wall and its service roads and regular patrols will make migrations necessary to species survival all but impossible, and what might be done to mitigate this problem. 

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Even the former head of New Mexico’s Department of Corrections admits, he found 2 days of solitary confinement to have been a devastating experience, but most days hundreds of prisoners in state and county lock-ups are kept in solitary for weeks and months at a time.  Exactly how many, the Department won’t say.  Investigative reporter Jeff Proctor of NM In Depth and the Santa Fe Reporter has more, including the story of one man, put into segregation, probably wrongly, and then kept there for months beyond his term, who still shows the effects more than a year after his release into society.

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Northwest New Mexico is marked by the biggest methane plume in North America.  The Obama Administration’s EPA enacted rules to make oil and gas producers reduce their emissions of methane into the atmosphere, but now Laura Paskus of the New Mexico Political Report tells us the Trump EPA is eradicating the evidence and  rolling back the rules.  The effects on climate change could be dramatic, because methane is among the worst chemical contributors to global warming. 

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A cult is defined as an isolated or at last separated community with a charismatic leader.  America is full of them, some good, some bad.  Pulitzer Prize-winning AP investigative reporter Mitch Weiss reveals how one religious congregation, The North Carolina-based Word of Faith fellowship was turned into an abusive cult, ruled by an erratic tyrant and run like a totalitarian prison camp.  There had ben whistleblowers in the past, but they were defeated by local prosecutors turned cult enablers. 

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President Dwight Eisenhower used his farewell Address to warn Americans about what he called “the military-industrial complex.”  65 years later, the warning still sounds prescient, even though the complex has grown, and now includes thousands of private military contractors who author David Isenberg says have been “systematized, legalized, normalized, and, in all important aspects, accepted.”  But are these contractors and the costs they add to the military budget, under control? 

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President Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the US-Mexico border to keep out “bad dudes” and worse narcotic drugs.  Albuquerque Journal investigative reporter Mike Gallagher has done a 6-part series on the international market for illegal drugs called The Cartels Next Door and says a wall won’t even slow down the cross-border traffic in cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and the fentanyls.  Almost all of them, he says, are smuggled through legal Ports of Entry, the gateways through the wall. 

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Dan Habib was an award winning newspaper photographer.  Then his second son Samuel was born with cerebral palsy and Dan became his son’s advocate, and a maker of stunning video documentaries about children with special needs and how public school systems deal with them.  The first was called Including Samuel.  The second, Who Cares About Kelsey, tells the story of a teenager with ADHD and one school’s attempt to get her through graduation.

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Apparently the burden of creating “alternative facts” has grown too great.  The Trump Administration has returned to its simpler signature: no facts.  But now the President has opened the door to Congressional fact-finding – usually quite a carnival in its own right -- about his un-verified charge that he was wire-tapped by President Obama.  Recently retired NBC Political Correspondent Steve Handelsman helps us sort out phony facts and fancy fictions about Mr. Trump’s alleged Russian connections and the investigations into them.

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On New Year’s Day 2017 in Brazil, a savage gang war inside a major regional prison killed 57 inmates, and insurgent mayors were sworn in to run the 2 biggest cities in the country.  In the days following, there were more riots, and fresh evidence of widespread corruption at the top of government and the private sector.  AP’s Rio Correspondent Mauricio Savarese got exclusive access to the Compaj prison, and helped lead the coverage of the latest revelations from the so-called CarWash prosecution of politicans and business executives.

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Nigeria is sorely beset, by an internal war with the Islamist radical terrorist group Boko Haram, by a budget crisis caused by low oil prices, and by corruption in government and human rights abuses by the military.  Meanwhile, says AP Lagos Bureau Chief Michelle Faul, President Mohammadu Buhari is out of the country getting medical care in London.  In Nigeria there is one state-of-the-art hospital, reserved for high government officials…all the rest are considered short-cuts to the cemetery.  Africa’s biggest and potentially richest country is in deep trouble.

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The court system of the State of New Mexico is in the midst a great change, a reform of its process for deciding who is eligible for bail and who is eligible for pre-trial release with no bail. It is also in the midst of what Chief Justice Charles Daniels has called a “crisis” of funding.  He says the courts’ ability to fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities is in danger.  The impact of budget cuts not only inflicts pain and injustice on many people, it costs the state millions of dollars in avoidable costs. 

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The so-called “frozen war” in Eastern Ukraine suddenly got hot in a small town called Avdiivka.  The Ukrainian government and its pro-Russian secessionist adversaries each blame the other.  No on is surprised about that, but the reaction, or lack of one from the Trump administration seems to have shocked President Poroshenko.  Meanwhile Trump’s long-time personal lawyer receives a secret peace plan that would legalize Russian control of the Crimean territory it seized 3 years ago. Former US Ambassador Steven Pifer on what all this may mean. 

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Another European country in political turmoil.  This time it’s Italy, where the populist 5-Star Movement is now the second-most-popular political group in the polls.  PBS News Hour special correspondent Christopher Livesay, who’s been based in Italy for half a decade, on the political magnetism of the movement and its leader, comedian Beppo Grillo.

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As the Iraqi-American battle to toss the Islamic State out of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, continues, thousands of refugees have been fleeing the city, some in need of shelter, some of medical care as well.  Santa Fe naturopath Dr. Andrew Lustig and his Global Outreach Doctors have been there dispensing comfort and care.

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Here in Albuquerque, for the second time in weeks, a bomb threat was phoned into the Jewish Community Center, the kind of threat that’s been made dozens of times across America since Donald Trump’s election.  Investigative reporter A C Thompson of Pro Publica says hateful threats and actual hate crimes are on a sharply pointed spike, including, he was saddened to learn, in his own Northern California neighborhood.  Religious, racial and sexual minorities are the targets, sometimes of simple rhetorical spew, but sometimes of deadly violence.

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In his latest national poll, Shibley Telhami of the University of Maryland found 70% of Americans with favorable views of Muslims.  So how to explain a later poll’s finding that President Trump’s Executive Order stopping immigration of refugees and people from 7 Muslim-majority countries was approved by a 48% to 41 margin?    Over the course of 4 polls taken between November 2015 and October 2016, Democrats and Independents grew more and more tolerant of Muslim and Islam.  Republicans?  Not so much. 

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Today’s political fight for hearts and minds has shifted from the battlefield to the internet, and the US military has an on-line program to win over potential recruits to Islamic State terrorism.  But AP investigative reporter Richard Lardner says the CENTCOM Web Ops program isn’t doing that well.  Why not?  He says 3 reasons are ignorance, incompetence and cronyism.  One example: poor language skills has America’s persuaders criticizing, not the Palestinian Authority, but the Palestinian salad.

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Shortly after Donald Trump started his Presidency, the market for dystopian fiction went crazy.  George Orwell’s 1984 shot to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list, with the American classic It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis close behind.  UNM English Professor Gary Scharnhorst talks about these literary warnings against the threat of authoritarian or even totalitarian political takeovers.  What are the elements writers like Orwell, Lewis, Nathanael West and Jack London say turn populism into something much worse?

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Remember the Rev. Thomas Malthus?  He’s the guy who said, around the turn of the 19th century…there will eventually be not enough Earth for a growing population.  Many people have said the same about water in the Southwest, there’s not enough for all the people.  Author and UNM Professor John Fleck on why those folks are as wrong as Dr. Malthus.  The answer in his recent book Water Is for Fighting Over is a flow-chart…from consciousness to collaboration to adaptation to resilience…how our region is surviving even is a drying climate.

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You might think of Bayer in terms of aspirin and Alka-Seltzer, but the company is huge in agri-chemicals…and it has a plan to get much bigger, by merging with Monsanto.  What will this mean for farmers who fear less competition and higher prices for seeds and pesticides…and wonder why President Trump has been boosting the merger.  Justin Elliott of Pro Publica looks at President’s unprecedented hands-on approach to a big anti-trust issue, one where he might have an undisclosed conflict of business interest. 

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With wars on-going in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and volatile and shifting alliances among the countries across the region, the Middle east has never been more dangerous or unpredictable.  For decades, that began during the Presidency of George Bush the elder, and continued through that of Barack Obama, Amb. Dennis Ross has played a crucial role in the formation of American policy.  We’ll ask him for his best guesses on what’s next under Donald Trump?  The President says he wants to ally with Vladimir Putin’s Russia in the fight against the terrorism of the Islamic State?  Can he?

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Talk about your high-risk occupations, the leaders of pro-Russian secessionist militias in Eastern Ukraine have been surviving the dangerous battlefield, only to be  murdered one after the other far from the front lines.  NY Times Moscow correspondent Andrew Kramer on who’s been killed, how and why?  Who dunnit?  Still an unanswered question, but the top suspects are the Ukrainian Security Services, the Russian security services, rival rebel commanders and the paramilitaries’ own rank and file.

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The news from Venezuela goes from bad to worse.  Inflation may be the worst in the world, and people are going hungry, because food and other household goods are not available in the stores, and people can’t afford them.  Associate Press Bogota Bureau Chief Joshua Goodman has been in Caracas watching the leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro drive off the proverbial cliff.

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In Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pressing forward with his plan to re-write the Constitution and give himself greater powers.  So far, he’s used a so-called coup his own National Security Advisor says he penetrated and set off pre-maturely to make it fail, as the justification for 40,000 arrests and more than 100,000 firings of government workers.  Meanwhile, Al-Monitor columnist Pinar Tremblay says the Turkish economy is in free fall.  Erdogan’s just cutting a deal to build fighter planes with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, but how will he pay for it? 

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Becoming a so-called “sanctuary city” is a moral, political and, if President Trump has his way, financial choice.  Santa Fe, NM Mayor Javier Gonzales spells out the values behind his hometown’s decision not to co-operate with Federal Immigration authorities, except when a suspect is wanted on felony charges, and why he thinks Trump’s threats are mostly hot air.  The Mayor says the President is creating false fears of immigrant criminals committing violent crimes and even terrorism, when studies show sanctuary cities are actually safer than non-sanctuaries. 

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The National Football League insists, the economics of its 32 franchises is a 2-way street. The teams get grants from their host cities, and tax breaks.  But the League says it more than pays off in generated business, tourism and prestige.  Most economists disagree, saying football’ contributions don’t balance municipal expenditures. Ken Belson of the NY Times tells the story of one owner, Arthur Blank of the Super Bowl Atlanta Falcons who is investing a lot of his own money making his new stadium’s surrounding neighborhoods better places to live

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The official estimate from the Russian Ministry of the Interior is that 40% of all violent crimes in Russia occur in a family setting.  You won’t be surprised that the Russian Parliament is working furiously to change the laws on domestic violence.  But their effort is to make the laws LESS protective to women, children and the elderly who are the usual victims.  If a beating doesn’t send someone to the hospital, the new law says, it’s not a crime.  A government poll says most Russians approve these changes.  Nataliya Vasilveya of the Associated Press Moscow bureau has been covering.

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Run your finger on a map along Russia’s western borders.  If a legacy plan started by President Obama is fulfilled, there will soon be American military boots on the ground, close to its complete length from Romania to Norway.  5000 US Army troops are deploying to Poland.  Chris Lievsay of PBS NewsHour watched them arrive. 

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The endless dispute between Albuquerque City Hall and Police Headquarters and their Federal Justice Department reform monitors drags on, with the pace of real reform even slower than that.  The Albuquerque team says Monitor James Ginger’s been mean to them, and has asked the supervising Judge to insert a mediator into the process.  Investigative reporter Jeff Proctor wonders if the home team is trying to score points or just run out the clock as a new Donald Trumo-Jeff Session Justice team takes over. 

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The harshest winter in a decade has hit southeastern Europe.  Low temperatures recorded maybe 3 times a century are turning refugee camps into death camps. One cold snap killed 5 children in camp for refugees from Syria and Iraq on the Greek island of Samos. 

The worst suffering has been among children and pregnant women, the subjects of Pulitzer Prize winning AP Photo-journalist Muhammed Muheisen’s recent series of pictures.  He takes us inside one camp north of Athens. 

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Most Presidents get to pick their own First Fights.  For President Donald Trump, the choice is clear: repeal and replace Obamacare.  Here’s the problem: repeal is easy, all the Republicans in Congress and possibly a majority of Americans are alright with that.  But writing and passing a replacement health insurance program is going to be very hard, and ¾ of the electorate has said, don’t do one without the other.  Nina Burleigh, National Political Correspondent of Newsweek has been covering the Obamacare controversies.

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The most powerful, most deadly opioid painkiller yet is Carfentanil. Investigative reporter Erika Kinetz of the Associated Press broke the story of how kilograms of Carfentanil can get from China to the USA, where it has caused dozens of deaths in just last six month.  Canadian authorizes have said a kilogram of Carentanil could be made into 50 million deadly doses. After Kinetz’ stories went global, China seems to have moved towards a crackdown on a drug that is almost never abused there. 

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When it comes to ending homelessness, Salt Lake City and County and the State of Utah are rated #1 in both planning and execution.  But, despite these best efforts, the problem of homelessness and public anxiety about it continue to grow.  Christopher Smart of the Salt Lake Tribune on a good, but imperfect social safety net and the people who fall through it.  One plan is to shut a big homeless shelter that’s become a public eyesore and replace it with 4 smaller shelters.  If 4 places can be found for them.  That’s a big “if.”

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Most people who live in the middle east are surrounded by crushing poverty and cruel competition for jobs.  This is why education can be such a life and death issue.  But the Mideast is also suffused in religious strife, among Islamic sects, between Muslims and members of other minority religions, and between those who question -- what is school for? Preparing students to compete in the secular world, or perfecting their religious beliefs.  RAND Corporation analyst Shelly Culbertson on the battle for the classroom in the Middle East.

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There are more than 60 million people in migration in the world today…more than ever before.  Why?  Demetrios Papademetiou, founder of the Migration Policy Institute says rising economic and social inequality, political tyranny and criminal violence are all partly to blame.  And then there are rising literacy and access to the Internet.  These days, almost everyone who is unhappy where they are know there are other places which sound better.  If only they could get there.  Most don’t.  Which helps explain today’s refugee crisis.

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A program Dr Martin Luther King Jr might have liked, about Islam, in America, and how this country, its traditional freedom and tolerance have shaped a largely home-made version of a traditional religion.  Lawrence Pintak, Dean of the Edward R Murrow School of Journalism at Washington State University on how America’s Muslims have used their freedom to protect their homeland from terrorism.  This is just one thing Pintak says President Donald Trump needs to understand about American Islam. 

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Since the mysterious and unsuccessful coup against his government in June, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been cracking down…especially on the country’s Kurdish minority and on its education system from kindergarten teachers to university deans.  Xanthe Ackerman who spent years in Turkey training young journalists, on the effects of a purge of thousands of teachers and the imposition of a new, specifically Sunni Islamic curriculum.  Parents are protesting.  The government seems not to care.

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UNM Economics Professor Janie Chermak on the turbulence in global and local oil markets

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Investigative journalist Shane Bauer of Mother Jones has done some of his best work undercover.  Sticking to his law: never tell a lie, Bauer was able to enlist as a volunteer trainee with a patriotic militia in California and then perform armed patrols with a Colorado militia group along the Arizona-Mexico border.  They didn’t intercept any drug-smugglers or migrants, but they did intersect with local officers from the Police and Border Patrol.  What that was like is every bit as good a story as it sounds. 

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Donald Trump used $7 million in tax subsidies to keep 730 jobs in Indiana.  Bringing far fewer jobs to NM was much more expensive.  Joe Cardillo of ABQ Business First on the deal that brought Facebook to Los Lunas, south of Albuquerque.  The price tag included not just tens of millions in tax breaks, but first call on the town’s most precious resource…its water.  Once construction is done, the new permanent jobs created will be measured not in hundreds, but dozens.

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A conversation with an old friend and colleague…back at Channel 2 WCBS-TV in NYC in the mid 1970s…Linda Ellerbee, on the occasion of her retirement from television news, and from the great program she created and anchored, Nick News.  It’s First Commandment: Never Talk Down to Children.  It worked for her.  Linda’s news for kids told difficult and delicate stories with more sensitivity, intelligence and wit than the so-called news for adult on American TV. 

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A Boxing Day special, unpacking blessings with Time Magazine Religion Correspondent Elisabeth Dias, the 2016 winner of the George W. Hunt S.J. Prize for reporting on religion.  We talked about her book What Would Jesus Ask? And about the answers she collected, and what they told her about the state of Christian belief in America -- a mere year and a half ago.  Of course, since then, a few things have changed, including some people’s faith – in America.

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When United Technologies, one of America’s biggest companies decided to move most of its Carrier Division work from Indiana to Mexico.  Then Donald Trump intervened and saved 730 jobs, and he and his Vice President elect, Indiana Governor Mike Pence handed a $7 million bill for Carrier’s subsidy to state taxpayers…a good deal?  For whom?  Indianapolis WRTV Channel 6 reporter Rafael Sanchez has been covering the story, including the Twitter fight between the President elect…and no, it wasn;t the Carrier shop’s union leader. 

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8 out of 10 of the Judges who run the state of New Mexico’s Elder Guardianship program have more than 1000 cases on their books.  What kind of a job can they do?  Don’t leave it to your imagination,,,hear the answer from syndicated columnist Diane Dimond who came home to Albuquerque to shake things up.  When families go to court to fight over care for an elder…follow the money…gobs of it go to the system and the people who feed off it.

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In Ukraine, a few bullets still fly across the line of secession, a few people on both the government and secessionist side die, but for the most part, the frozen war in the Eastern part of the country remains frozen.  It’s the Ukrainian Government’s mandated war against institutional corruption that former US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst and I will talk about.  He says it’s going slowly, I say it’s going South.  Will Donald Trump create the right mix of toughness and love to make Ukraine make itself better?

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In Syria, where 5 years of war has left more than 400,000 people dead, and more than half the population – between 11 and 12 million Syrians -- out of their homes, the Assad government and its Russian, Iranian and Lebanese allies are winning and the rebels, including some American clients, are losing…but does that mean an end to the war is in sight?  Christopher Phillips, author of the new book THE BATTLE FOR SYRIA says, not likely.  Because the rebels’ international paymasters and suppliers aren’t ready to stop.

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Everyone at the CIA, the FBI, the Congress and the

White House seem to agree…the Russians tried their best to hack their way to

undermining the 2016 Presidential election. The disagreement is over whether

their real aim was to shake voters’ confidence in the validity of the election, or

simply to elect Donald Trump President. Shane Harris of the Wall Street Journal on

what the intelligence agencies know and what they don’t, and how they learn what

they can about the growing universe of government and private hacks and hackers.


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In NM, there is a process for applicant companies to justify a requested raise in rates charged the public.  But PNM seems to have ignored it.  The utility never explained why buying and Arizona nuclear plant and contracting for a lot of coal to be burned at Four Corners were good deals that will benefit customers as well as the company.  The state Public Regulation Commission over-ruled its hearing examiner and gave PNC the rate hike anyway.  Mariel Nanasi of New Energy Economy is challenging the PRC decision in court and tells us why.

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Last year, the Justice Department received 10,250 proposed corporate mergers.  It approved all but 7 of them.  In the self-entitled world of Big Business this is called getting tough.  Helping these mergers alone, and getting very rich doing it, reports Pulitzer Prize winner Jesse Eisinger of Pro Publica , are a small group of academic economists, whose assurances that making big companies even bigger is going to work out for everyone are sometimes very, very wrong.

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It’s the oldest trick in the book, bait a tyrant and make him discredit himself in responding.  2 cheeky pro-independence legislators in Hong Kong baited the Xi Jinping Government in Beijing and succeeded in advancing their cause with the Hong Kong public when the Chinese Government threw them out of the jobs that voters had just given them.  NY Times contributor Joseph Lian says the political tide is running against Beijing, especially as young voters come of age, but for now an authoritarian crackdown is continuing.

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2 Princeton economists discovered the statistical evidence – over the past decade, White Americans, men and women, have been dying unnaturally young in the United States, especially in poor, rural and small town America.  The Washington Post has commissioned a series of articles detailing the human lives behind the numbers.  Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Ellis Nutt went to Durango, Colorado, where suicides among middle-aged White women have been surging.  The death rates are high even by the standards of the Rocky Mountain slice of America known as The Suicide Belt. 

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BREXIT is headline code for the British exit from the European Union…a move of such potentially enormous significance that, when it passed in a national referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron handed in his resignation.  Now his successor Theresa May has the job of making it happen, and it’s not going to be easy.  Brits have been on a buying and borrowing spree, anticipating a big jump in inflation in 2017.  AP’s London Buro Chief Gregory Katz says the vote itself is not the last BREXIT surprise in store for the UK. 

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Lt Gen Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s choice as National Security Adviser is frequently called, “the best intelligence officer of his generation.”  But what does that mean?  His revolution in how intelligence is gathered and processed changed the American war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Gareth Porter of Truthout says Flynn’s methods raised the enemy body count, but, he reported 5 years ago in Afghanistan, many of the killed were not legitimate targets.  Drone video and cell phone intercepts can’t always tell you who is in your gunsights.  

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It’s bad enough that the people being stopped for alleged traffic offenses like failing to signal a turn or having a busted brake-light in Santa Fe, TX are disproportionately African-American.  It’s worse that they’re often kept in jail for weeks at a time, because they have No money to pay their fines.  Investigative reporter Patrick Michels of the Texas Observer on the return of debtors’ prisons, of the sort supposedly banned by the US Constitution.  A couple of lawsuits say it’s not just Santa Fe, but 15 jurisdictions in the Lone Star State which are locking people up for being poor.   

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At America’s southern border, the number of would-be refugees from Honduras and El Salvador is rising sharply again, notwithstanding the fact that the migrant trail from Central America to the US Border has only gotten more difficult and dangerous.  Investigative reporter Joseph Sorrentino on how a crackdown pressed by both the US and Mexican governments isn’t stopping the flow of desperate people.  2 reasons why: the failure of the governments of Honduras and El Salvador to stop the murders and forced recruitments of children by criminal gangs. 

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Ever since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan defeated an attempted coup, he’s been purging not just alleged-coup-plotters from the military, but tens of thousands of government workers and public school teachers. Istanbul-based journalist and novelist Elliot Ackerman on the chill descending on what was once a Turkish democracy, but is moving towards dictatorship.  More than a hundred news media outlets have been closed; more than 100 journalists have been jailed, and now, Erdogan wants President-elect Trump to help him extradite the man Erdogan claims was behind the failed coup. 

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For the second time in as many months, the Government of Colombia has signed a peace agreement with the FARC rebels. The first agreement was narrowly defeated in a referendum. But Joshua Goodman AP Bureau Chief in Bogota reports, putting the second agreement to the Congress, skipping a popular vote could mess up everything.

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When last we heard from Libyan journalist Mustafa Fetouri, his homeland was paralyzed between 2 competing, mutually hostile pseudo-governments.  Now, he says there are 3 and the paralysis is worse …and what about the big battle to expel the Islamic State from the city of Sirte.  It’s going slowly, very slowly. Literally, block by block. Meanwhile the city’s 80,000 former residents are now refugees, scattered around the xountry and hoping the fighting leaves them homes to go back to. 

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In a sea of election red, NM stayed Democratic blue…giving 5 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton and flipping the House and keeping the senate in the hands of Democratic majorities. And all this despite a last-week campaign blitz by both Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The national ticket lost and Gov. Susana Martinez is looking at 2 years of vetos or compromises. Matthew Reichbach of the NM Political Report identifies some winners and loser in NM’s 2016 elections.

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Two interesting things about the 2016 elections, evidence and exit polls suggest, the people who voted early, went mostly with Hillary Clinton.  But those who didn’t make up their minds till just before Election Day gave the election to Donald Trump.  NBC News’ Steve Handelsman looks back on a wild campaign that shocked the media and its pundits, probably, more than it should have.  And we talk about the future, about the government that  Donald Trump is…or is not…bringing together.  

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Raul Castro’s supposed reforms of his brother Fidel’s old-line Communism haven’t changed Cuba’s news media.  The party newspapers Granma and Rebel Youth grind on, and there are state radio and TV, but no one pays attention.  The Committee to Protect Journalists Carlos Lauria says freedom is breaking through via the internet.

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Remember the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote?  Well, what’s the point of being wily?  Survival, of course!  Dan Flores, author of Coyote America, on the champion survivors of the American West, coyotes, and how they do it.  The more the Federal Government tried to kill off the little prairie wolves, as the pioneers used to call them, the faster the coyotes bred themselves back into the picture.  No wonder American Indians made Coyote one of their favorite animals.  Coyotes, a howling success! 

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For every Oxycontin on the street, there’s a manufacturer and a retailer…and a middle man.  The DEA tried to make distributors the choke point for opioid painkillers.  Until Congress and the Obama Administration stopped them.  Washington Post investigative reporter Lenny Bernstein.

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A 4-stop tour of the political Middle East with RAND analyst Shelly Culbertson, whose book Fires of Spring looks at what’s happened since the Arab Spring…in Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, all of them less and less influenced by the United States…and Tunisia where democracy and civility are under terrorist threat.

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The battle for Mosul, the Islamic State’s last big stronghold in Iraq…the fighting is fierce and could last for months as Iraqi forces enter the city of a million people.  PBS NewsHour Special Correspondent Christopher Livesay has been on the front lines, watching the delicate choreography of allied forces.  Iraqi National Army regular troops and special forces, Kurdish peshmerga, Iraqi Shi’ite militias and Sunni tribal forces, US Trainers and Special Forces and Turkish Army fighters may all be involved…keeping them together and in proper BATTLE order is the hard part. 

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A new biography of Robert F Kennedy, standing on the shoulders, not only of a giant shelf of earlier books, but dozens of shelves of new documents and the extended reflections of Ethel Kennedy. Author Larry Tye says it’s on Ethel’s authority that he called his book BOBBY KENNEDY. Tye details the life-long struggle between Bad Bobby, the aggressive, unscrupulous hater and Good Bobby, transformed by his brother’s assassination and the civil rights movement into a real-life Liberal Icon. HERE & THERE is coming up next.

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Shane Bauer, the undercover investigative journalist for Mother Jones, on his week with the 3% United Patriots doing militia duty on the border of Arizona and Mexico. How he joined and trained with the California State Militia before bringing his required gear, including gun and ammo to the border and the 3 UP. The mission: seal the border against undocumented immigrants and “the cartels.” And then it was time to go. What told Shane a week was enough. 

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2 of his most powerful contemporaries had the same description of Gen. Michael Flynn: “the best intelligence officer of his generation.”  Author and award-winning defense correspondent James Kitfield on the path that led Gen. Flynn from re-shaping special operations warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan to becoming military advisor to Donald Trump.

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The Justice Department has said it will no longer contract out federal prison management…will ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement do the same when it comes to detention centers for undocumented immigrants?  Reporter-Editor Monica Campbell of PRI’s radio news magazine The World went for a family visit to one privately-run detention center in Arizona.

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