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Logic says national unity must precede national elections, but Libyan journalist Mustafa Fetouri says the vast majority of his countrymen want a chance to vote for a new President, even if the winning candidate may have little chance to govern efficiently, much less unify a bitterly fragmented nation-state. 2021's civil war suggested the country was split in two. Reality is much messier. One leading candidate is the overthrown leader Muammar Gaddafi's son. 

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The term geo-engineering may sound generic, but actually it refers specifically to the concept of deflecting from Earth some solar rays to cool global warming. Environmental scientist Gernot Wagner's book Geo-Engineering: The Gamble looks at the perceived positive and negative effects of putting theory into practice. Good may not be good enough in itself and might distract from better ideas. One casualty might be New Mexico's 300-plus days of sparkling sunshine. 

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As the Omicron Variant moves from East to West across the country, the New Mexico healthcare system is bracing for a new wave of infections. The emergency care physician Clayton Dalton, who writes eloquently for The New Yorker, says his rural hospital is already over-stressed with a dwindling core of staff and fewer options to send patients to better-equipped hospitals. Dr. Dalton admits, the fact that almost all his most serious cases are people who chose to be unvaccinated makes everything harder. 

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Watchers have had as much luck finding photographic proof  of the Loch Ness Monster as Congress has had in holding the Pentagon accountable for its budget and how it's been spent. Winslow Wheeler spent decades as a top staffer in Congress and as a monitor for the POGO think tank. Wheeler will explain why we -- not to mention Congress -- keep signing ever-bigger blank checks for  military spending. They say, where there's a will, there's a way. But Congress consistently lacks the will and the Trump Administration all but eliminated the ways to keep track. 

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Sam Quinones' book The Least of Us described how fentanyl pills, mass manufactured in Mexico and marketed on social media have created huge new populations of addicts in America. Today, reporter Matthew Reisen of the Albuquerque Journal narrows the focus to the streets of New Mexico's biggest city where fentanyl is addicting new generations of people. Reisen talked with officers from the DEA and APD, with sellers and buyers of America's new king of addictive drugs.

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In 2015, Sam Quinones wrote Dreamland the book that broke the news of America's opioid addiction epidemic and how the market had moved from prescription drugs like OxyContin to cheaper Mexican heroin. Late last year, Quinones updated the story in The Least of Us, a book about the industrialization of addiction through fentanyl.

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