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The scholar and foreign policy analyst Moises Naim is from Venezuela, where his new novel 2 Spies in Caracas is set.  The book paints a frightening portrait of the late Bolivarian revolutionary Hugo Chavez and the corrupt, inept state he created.  We'll talk about Chavez' legacy and American attempts to combat it. Current President Nicolas Maduro came from behind Chavez' shadow and seems a dim replication in every way, except when it comes to clinging to power, at which he has so far excelled. 

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How many American healthcare workers have been killed by Covid-19? The terrible answer is, we really don't know, but Christina Jewett of Kaiser Health News and The Guardian's Lost on the Frontline Project says we do know, the government's official counts by the CDC and OSHA are terribly short.  She notes, the Nurses' union says the death toll has passed 4000. Suffice it to say, CDC's count is far less than half that, and lacks the person-by-person documentation the union and the Lost on the Frontline Project present. Is it that Uncle Sam doesn't want to know, or that government doesn't want you to know? 

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If the now year and a half long siege of Covid-19 has been stressful for adults, has it been even harder to handle for children?  Katie Stone host and producer of the excellent radio program The Children's Hour says one answer does not fit all kids.  So how can adults help their children? Finding out what they know is a good start. And when it comes to things neither the child nor the adult knows, the best answer is ... look it up together and then the whole family can know. 

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Communist China has had 5 significant changes of leadership since the Peoples Republic was proclaimed in 1949.  Scholar David Shambaugh's new book China's Leaders: From Mao to Now profiles Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping ... from Mao's permanent revolution to Xi's self-assignment as Emperor for Life.

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Kim Jong Un, the tyrannical leader of North Korea has slimmed down, but was the weight loss caused by bad health?  Korea expert Bruce Bennett of the RAND Corporation sees a symptom in changes to the rules of governance that could reduce Kim's control of the country, something that, in the past, he's killed to keep. Covid has put North Korea into a mega-lockdown, meaning outsiders see even less of what's going on in that dark and endangered nation. 

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One of the practices that sums up the corruption of America's system of justice is judge shopping, finding a judge you think will see things your way and not the way of your accusers. The Sackler family, the people behind Purdue Pharma, the company behind oxycontin and the epidemic of addiction the opioid drug set off just finished an exemplary bit of judge-shopping and, many would say, injustice. Chris McGreal of The Guardian has covered the opioid epidemic from start to, well, this.

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President Biden says withdrawal from Afghanistan ends the era of America's "forever wars." But what does that mean? Mark Thompson covers military issues for POGO, The Project on Government Oversight and asks, what will happen to the Pentagon money budgeted for an Afghan Army that no longer exists?  And what can "over the horizon" forces like drones and missiles do to contain the threat of terrorism? Answers, he says, have more to do with political will than military muscle.

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Even being tossed unprepared onto a battlefield in Iraq didn't prepare Matthew Hoh for Afghanistan where his mission for the State Department was undermined by the Afghan security forces and government. The brutality of government troops was overmatched by the corruption and ineptitude of the civilians sent to work with Hoh's Provincial Reconstruction project in Zabul province. A look at what worse was to come. 

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There goes the neighborhood.  Investigative reporter Tony Davis of the Arizona Star and High Country News on how the arrival of a massive CAFO  (concentrated animal feeding operations) has dimmed the stars in the sky and devoured water from the ground and brought traffic, dust and manure aromas to rural areas in Arizona and Minnesota. Riverview LLP has brought with it jobs and money, but many neighbors says it's reduced the value of their homes and savings.

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