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When the coronavirus pandemic made getting credible information to the American people an absolute necessity, already, an American Press Institute survey showed more than 20% of the adult population was already tuned out.  Since then, things have only gotten worse.  Longtime editor and media analyst Tom Rosenstiel helped run the API study and has some ideas on how to repair the damage to journalism's reputation and influence in our craven new world of extreme political partisanship and pick your facts news consumers.

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When the coronavirus knocked on America's door back in February 2020 no one answered at the White House.  We now know President Donald Trump was informed, but stayed completely disengaged from the crisis.  In her new book, Virus, Nina Burleigh says willful ignoring, not willful ignorance cost hundreds of thousands of American lives. Burleigh's book goes misstep by misstep through the greatest medical catastrophe to hit this country in 100 years. 

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Anthony, NM is one of the poorest towns in one of the poorest states in America. All the consequences of that were magnified by the Covid-19 pandemic and the non-responses of the state of Texas, halfway down Main Street and Mexico, whose border is just 24 miles away.  Rescue from catastrophe, Alicia Inez Guzman reported for Searchlight NM require a lot of Do It Yourself. Bringing testing and then vaccination to this remote desert community was just the beginning. Next, distributing food and assuring shelter.

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The penetrability of data collected in the digital universe has made protecting the secrecy of government security operations a lot harder. But the US Government's response, says Newsweek investigative reporter William Arkin, has been to create "the biggest secret army" in world history. Thousands of spies, fighters, analysts and clerks...all of 'em kept off the books.  Arkin says it has made holding the people and the billiions of dollars spent on them accountable almost impossible.  Kinda dangerous in a democracy to cut the people out of the awareness loop.  

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In a society where almost all our most successful people use everything from smart-ass lawyers to easily purchasable legislators to avoid paying a fair share of taxes, it should be no surprise how many cheaters abused the Paycheck Protection Program.  Still, Lydia DePillis's reporting on PPP fraud for Pro Publica should be a moral wake-up call.  How universal Donald Trump's definition of "being smart" by cheating the government has become! 

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The State of New Mexico has ambitious goals to reduce its carbon footprint by cutting back on fossil fuels for energy. What are the real-world prospects for success? Hannah Grover covers the local environment for the NM Political Report and the Farmington Daily Times including the highly-touted, but mostly un-proved reasons for a new carbon-capture plant in Northwest NM and the old question of who will pay to clean up abandoned oil and gas facilities in the 4 Corners and Permian Basin regions of the state. 

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Ice-caps at both Poles are melting and one reason is methane plumes from cattle.  So does this mean the burger melt has to go away?  Andrew Freedman covers climate change and the environment for Axios.  He sees an important sea change, in the arrival of a generation of mega-entrepreneurs who want to base business decision on the survival of the planet, and not just the super-chef Daniel Humm and his menu of plant-based courses.  Hear how Microsoft promises to clean up its act. 

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2 popular misconceptions about Russia get a thorough reconsideration in Columbia University scholar Timothy Frye's new book, Weak Strongman: The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia.  One, Frye says, is that Russia is always Russia -- the same place and culture and two, that Vladimir Putin has changed everything. What's the reality? Putin is definitely the boss of a "personalist autocracy," but like Erdogan, Orban and other me-first dictators, he operates in a world of restraints and difficult choices.

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The medical missionary Marcus Whitman is the martyr hero of one of the great legends of the American Northwest. Unfortunately the story behind the legend, a cross-country trip to the White House to save Oregon from a British takeover was almost entirely untrue.  Author Blaine Harden's new book, Murder at the Mission: A Frontier Killing, Its legacy of lies and The Taking of the American West replaces the legend -- made up by Dr. Whitman's life-long rival and enemy -- with the facts.  

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Bill Gates got a lot of credit and a lot more money for his pioneering work making Microsoft computer tools.  He also got slapped down for anti-trust violations for trying too successfully to dominate the digital marketplace. Tim Schwab has reported in The Nation that Gates' money and ambition may be making him dangerously dominant in global health policies. One casualty, the integrity of The Lancet, once one of the world's most respected medical journals. Gates' bucks have banged that reputation hard.

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The State of California prides itself for setting the pace on environmental reforms, and among its most ambitious programs is its cap and trade market in credits for preserving forests to reduce carbon emissions from the atmosphere.  But Lisa Song of Pro Publica reports, California's clean air program may have some baked-in flaws. For example, she says, some forests will actually absorb far less carbon than they are  being given credits for.

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The resumption of the global arms race is scary enough
without the addition of a new global resource race. The prizes are Lithium, Cobalt and Nickel, valued because they are key elements in the batteries needed to power the transition to electric vehicles. Mining each of 'em creates a mess. Ivan Penn of the NY Times on why it ain't easy, going green.

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 Economist Matthias Doepke of Northwestern University was one of the first to warn, the coronavirus pandemic would have a disproportionate  impact on women.  His latest study confirms in detail what he'd predicted.  Because of the kinds of jobs filled mostly by women and their extra responsibilities for child care, Covid19's disruption of women's lives has been deeper and will last longer than men's. Doepke says this is the first big economic downturn in history worthy of the name "she-cession."

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