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In Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, American military forces are on the move – out of those countries – leaving  lot of unfinished business behind. Probably the country worst-hit by the Trump Administration’s hasty retreats is Afghanistan, from which the Washington Post correspondent Pamela Constable has just returned. In the capitol city, Kabul, there are fears of a return to tyrannical, intolerant governance by the Taliban and anger at what is seen as the betrayal by their nation’s American allies.

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The mob that sacked the US Capitol on January 6 represented a broad slice of America.  But Carl Segerstrom of High Country News says a lot of the impetus for the assault on the Federal Government coms from rural West and a movement called The Sagebrush Rebellion. Now many of its leaders may be called to account. But will prosecuting the ringleaders of the mob attack bring their movement under control…or just fan the flames of a rural, White Supremist opposition. 

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The point’s been made many times: we all live in one world, one political, one economic, one human, one natural world, and anything that affects a part of the world, eventually affects much if not all of it. Right now, the world is at a turning point for climate and energy, and New Mexico, a leading oil and gas and potentially a leading wind and solar power state is right at the crossroads.  Jerry Redfern has reported on environmental issue around the world, and now his home state—The Land of Enchantment. 

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It took more than 60 years for the heroism of Chaplain Fr. Emil Kapaun to be recognized with a Congressional Medal of Honor.  People who shared the hardships of a North Korean prison camp are among those now campaigning for Fr. Kapaun’s canonization.  NY Times reporter Joe Drape’s excellent new book is The Saint Makers. Reporting and writing it changed Drape’s life, which is a key part of the story, fulfilling Fr. Kapaun’s goal of “sincere prayer.” 

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Brian Levin has worked as a criminologist and civil rights attorney.  Now he’s a Professor at California State University at San Bernardino specializing in analysis of hate crime, terrorism and the law. We talk about the backstory behind the mob attack on Congress and strategies for future civility.  Where the rioters come from and how they can be brought back to “normal.” 

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Frank Huyler has for 25 years worked in emergency medicine at the University of New Mexico Medical Center, and his new book, White Hot Light is a gripping and poetic account of the realities of that difficult service.  We talk about how the ER and the rest of the hospital have been changed by the Covid-19 pandemic and how medical customs have changed over the decades since his first, acclaimed book The Blood of Strangers

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When it comes to American’s foreign relations there is much that president Donald Trump has torn down that President Joe Biden wants to rebuild.  High on that agenda is the agreement restraining Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  Trump pulled America out of the deal, and now Iran is escalating both the amount and quality of the nuclear materials in its stockpile. Emile Nakhleh is a former CIA analyst and Director of the Global and National Security Policy Institute at the University of New Mexico.  

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Among the arts, few have been so dominated by men and a mannish culture than jazz.  But that hasn’t stopped 3-time Grammy Award-winning drummer Terri Lyne Carrington.  2 things have helped her, some generous male musician-supporters like the great trumpeter Clark Terry and family values, including the pre-emptive advantage of having parents and grandparents who were well-known and respected in the Boston jazz community. A successful jazz career and how Terri Lyne Carrington built it…

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When American diplomats in Cuba started reporting strange noises and subsequent health effects, two questions immediately arose – what’s going on who’s responsible.  Then the same pattern repeated in the American consulate in Guangzhou in southern China. Ana Swanson of the New York Times says we may be getting closer to answers to both questions.  The chief suspect is Russia, an idea the Trump Administration has conspicuously rejected. 

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After six years of monitoring and mentoring by the US Department of Justice to cure a sick culture of too aggressive and too frequent uses of force, the Albuquerque Police Department remains unreformed.  Federal Monitor James Ginger says 6 years have left the APD and the Federal monitors “in more trouble here right now today than I’ve ever seen.” Elise Kaplan has been covering the story for the Albuquerque Journal. What to do? There are a lot of proposals, some of which seem to hinder other solutions.

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Society as a whole is having a hard enough time adjusting to the new reality – women are entitled to all the legal protections and civil and social courtesies extended to men.  Recognizing and acting on this concept has been even harder for military organizations like the US Marines to deal with. Thomas Brennan of The War Horse tells us the sad story of one female Marine that illustrates the problem.  The mostly-male Marine brass say they’re on the case, but progress remains slow and unsteady. 

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 It’s being called the greatest feat of espionage in the still-short and still-developing history of cyber warfare – the penetration by hackers of at least 40 government agencies and think tanks and non-government organizations and as many as 18,000 corporate digital networks. Eric Tucker has been covering the story for the Associated Press and fills us in on what the hack has revealed. One longtime CIA expert says it signals “an age of perpetual cyberconflict.”  That’s going to be expensive. 

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