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Dineh Benally let everyone in the Navajo Nation know he was growing industrial hemp and maybe wink-wink, some pot, on his farm near Shiprock. But when his farming spread from 30 to over 400 acres and fences went up that hid what was going on, things took a darker turn. Ed Williams broke the story in Searchlight NM … and then watched it grow.

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 I call ‘em para-militias,  because no Constitutional Scholar would call them “well-regulated.”  They’ve been bringing guns to anti-mask rallies and State Capitols, but fortunately they and their guns heeded President Trump’s advice to “Stand Down” on Election Day  But for how long will they “Stand By?” Frank Smyth, author of The NRA: An Un-Authorized History on the militias and their roots in the NRA, especially the alarmist myth, from any regulation of guns will go straight to the Holocaust, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot.

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Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart … the oligarchs of the gig economy bet $200 million selling Californians on Prop 22, keeping their employees from getting the benefits most employees get.  Call ‘em contract workers and tell ‘em to take less for the work.  Californians bought the deal and Uber and Lyft stock went up by $20 billion. Greg Bensinger of the New York Times Editorial Board on how voters awarded other people’s labor negotiation to management. 

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He tried to warn us.  He tried to warn his fellow-pollsters. John Zogby said the Biden-Trump vote would be a lot closer than  people predicted.  What made him so sure and what did his professional colleagues and competitors miss?  Did their collations tilt too much towards Democrats? Did voters lie to the poll-takers? And what about the demise of the telephone land line? The Presidential election what happened beyond the numbers?  

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They once was lost, but then they were found.  Several ceremonial shields, sacred to the Native Americans of Acoma Pueblo were stolen in the 1970s, but a few years ago, one of them re-appeared, up for sale at a Paris gallery.  Elena Saavedra Buckley of High Country News tells us how the shield and its people were reunited.  It wasn’t quick nor was it easy, but eventually the shield made it back to Acoma’s Enchanted Mesa.

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So far, the Trump White House has commissioned $10 Billion worth of contracts to build walls along our southern border with Mexico.  $9 Billion of the contracts have gone to just 4 politically-connected construction companies.  A good deal for them, but Jeremy Schwartz, investigative reporter for the Texas Tribune and Pro Publica says, not such a bargain for taxpayers.  Every time the President declares an emergency, environmental standards go away and wall-building costs go up.

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At the Pentagon, it is clear, lame-duck President Donald Trump is in full Apprentice “You’re fired” mode, having removed Defense Secretary Mark Esper and several top national security specialists. Could the same fate await FBI Director Christopher Wray.  CNN analyst Josh Campbell, author the book Crossfire Hurricane: Inside Donald Trump's War on the FBI says he hopes notMorale at the top Federal law enforcement agency, Campbell says, is already near rock-bottom. 

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The sub-Saharan country of Mali is in trouble.  Once home to one of the history of Africa’s greatest empires, Today Mali is beset by Islamist terrorists, long-standing tribal conflicts, and a corrupt government recently overthrown in a military coup. Amb. Vicki Huddleston served in Mali more than a decade ago, but she still personally knows many of today’s significant players.  She’ll suggest why Mali matters and what the US can do to help it.

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A man convicted of a street killing in Brooklyn protests his innocence…and after 20 years is finally granted a re-hearing of his case.  Then the Judge starts to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease Joe Sexton of Pro Publica with a tragic human story that shows a serious systemic flaw in our criminal justice system. Who’s to say, and how to prove a sitting judge is cognitively impaired…and then ..what can be done about it?

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Along with the intended benefits of oil and gas harvested by ordinary drilling and even more so by fracking, there are even larger amounts of what are called waters of production.  They are toxic, and often they spill into New Mexico fields, gullies and ground water.  Kendra Chamberlain of the NM Political Report on the latest efforts by the State and the industry to deal with poisoned waters from the oil and gas industry. 

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Remember the ‘Seeds from China scare?”  Thousands of packets of unidentified seedling objects sent from China to homes across America.  Don’t plant them! Was the government’s advice – widely ignored by hundreds of home gardeners.  So far, so what?  Nothing bad has happened from the seeds, planted for dumped. But what if this was just a test? Jason Koebler, of VICE Media’s Motherboard has the story.

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Pope Francis made news when a documentary showed him endorsing legal civil unions for same-sex couples.  But the statement had been censored and buried by the Vatican for a year.  John Thavis, author of The Vatican Diaries was a working journalist covering the Vatican for decades.  He’ll explain the meaning of the Pope’s statement and its delayed release. 

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Caitlin Dickerson is fast becoming a reporting star at the New York Times.  3 of her recent reports have covered the unnecessary, uninformed surgeries performed on detained women at an ICE detention center, condition for refugees waiting in Mexico for their asylum cases to be heard…and the more than 500 migrant children still separated from their parents.  

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