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Hunger has always been a persistent problem in the impoverished State of New Mexico, but as with so many things, hunger has been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially hunger among NM’s children.  Elizabeth Miller of NM in Depth has been reporting on the hunger problem and how public school systems and volunteer organizations have been trying to solve it.  She says, raising past limits on who can get free food, how much and where and how they can get it may point towards future directions for America’s social safety net. 

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 The civil war in Libya has become a proxy war, dominated by weapons and support from outside the country.  Award-winning Libyan journalist Mustafa Fetouri of Middle East Monitor wonder how adding a third governing force to the 2 already stalemated will make things any better. He explains why Russia, Turkey, Egypt, the UAE and Qatar have all become active kibitzers in this murderous conflict.

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Many have judged the schools supervised by the Bureau of Indian Education to be the worst in America.  Alden Woods has reported for the Arizona Republic and Pro Publica that coping with the coronavirus pandemic has made the worst schools even worse and the BIE is to blame.  Native kids with no classrooms, no computers and damn little homework or teaching to make up for these failures add up, says one expert, to “a terrible tragedy.” 

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Back in March and April, Italy was both the first- and worst-hit country in Europe by the novel coronavirus pandemic.  Prime Minister Conti admitted, he’d been too slow off the mark, and that government mistakes had cost lives. But, then he implemented a tough lockdown.  It worked from May until halfway through the vacation and tourism month of August.  CBS News Rome Correspondent Christopher Livesay on how Italians are dealing with a second wave. One answer – much better than the Spanish, French, Dutch and British.

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President Trump has simultaneously talked down the power of Covid-19 while trying to push up the release date for a vaccine against the coronavirus. This dissonance has turned many Americans against taking a vaccine once one is developed. Peter Pitts of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest says for a vaccine to sharply reduce infections of Covid-19, 60% or more of Americans must take it. Anything less, he says, could mean big trouble.

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So far, Federal judges have stopped the Trump Administration’s attempts to act against the apps TikTok and WeChat, which the President calls “national security threats” from China. Joseph Yi Zheng LIan, Asia analyst for the NY Times, says – in these cases – the President is right.  Lian says the fact that the more you use the apps, the more you could be revealing about yourself to Chinese intelligence.  Think Cambridge Analytica with Chinese characteristics.  

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What do we know about the coronavirus pandemic, and what don’t we know about how it spread across the United States?  And why do we lack so much important information?  Justin Lessler of Johns Hopkins University is on the cutting edge of epidemiology and has been followed Covid-19 since the first reports our of China.  And what do we now know about them? 

Computer models say the last 3 months of 2020 may be the worst yet for the Covid-19 outbreak in America.  Lessler puts the prediction in perspective. 

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Journalists who read the whistleblower complaint about how detainees were being treated at a privately-run ICE prison in rural Georgia saw their headline on page one – negligent care produced dozens of infections of Covid -19.  But Jerry Lambe of read past page 18 and found a bombshell accusation – unnecessary hysterectomies performed on detainees without their informed consent.  Subsequent investigations suggest, hysterectomies are part of a wider pattern of medical abuse of ICE detainees at the Irwin County Detention Center.  

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If Donald Trump had his way, you would never hear his name and Covid-19 in the same sentence.  The fact that people are talking about his undisclosed foreign debts, his long-hidden underpaid taxes, and his,  er, un-Presidential debate performance may be seen at the White House as preferable distractions.  Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston helps us do the impossible – get to the bottom of Donald Trump and his disruptive re-election campaign.

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