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Horse-racing kills horses. But in Europe horse-racing kills far fewer animals than in the United States. Horse deaths at Santa Anita Raceway, and persistent doping scandals have the whole horseracing industry in trouble. Tarpley Hitt of The Daily Beast on why racing horses, people and money are all disappearing from the Sport of Kings. 

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Here in NM, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s quick and aggressive response to the coronavirus is widely credited with saving lives --  in most of the state.  But in Zia and San Felipe Pueblos and especially in the Navajo Nation, Covid-19 is on a tear.  Jourdan Bennett-Begaye is Washington editor for the online news service Indian Country Today and a proud Dine herself.  The area in which she grew up has, over the past 2 weeks become an epic coronavirus hotspot.

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The Czech Republic responded quickly and decisively to the coronavirus pandemic, enforcing social distancing and masking, doing infection testing early and widely.  By all reports, people complied with the government’s directions and it worked.  Last week, the Czechs carefully began loosening restraints, part of a plan of every-two-weeks chances to loosen more or – if the infection rate comes back – to tighten things down.  David Weiss, the Chair of the Journalism Department at the University of New Mexico has lived through the whole process in Prague.

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Through 3 Israeli National Elections opposition leader Benny Gantz had 2 bedrock principles: no governing partnerships with people under criminal indictment and – therefore – no coalition with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Then he made a unity government deal with Bibi, who after it was announced, walked away from it, leaving Gantz exposed and his Blue and White Party broken in two.  Associated Press Jerusalem Bureau Chief Josef Federman on the likelihood of a 4th election sometime this summer.

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Part of China’s success in suppressing its Coronavirus/Covid 19 outbreak was due to decisive government action, but as important was the high level of public compliance with government restrictions.

Martha Franks, who teaches the humanities at St John’s College in Santa Fe spent 2 years teaching with her husband Grant at an elite Beijing high school.

The only compliance she demanded was – students, think for yourselves. Shock therapy! Her book is called Books without Borders: Homer, Aeschylus, Galileo, Melville and Madison Go to China.

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Here’s one measure of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Mexico: in mid-March in the pueblo of San Gregorio Atlapulco the weeklong festival for St Gregory was celebrated as normal.  3 weeks later, the Holy Week fiestas were canceled and the churches were closed. Photographer and journalist Joseph Sorrentino, living a pueblo going from denial to fear, it’s strengths, community, family and small-scale agriculture may be its greatest vulnerabilities. 

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One war may have stopped, or at least paused because of the coronavirus pandemic…in Yemen.  But not in Syria, where Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent Roy Gutman says, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi tried to bribe Syrian President Assad to break a cease-fire with Turkey.  The bribery failed, but the cease-fire may not be faring any better.

And where is there a population even more vulnerable to the coronavirus than Yemen’s? In Syria, of course

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In retrospect, the global pandemic of Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, or a pandemic of some coronavirus seemed beyond predictable.  And in fact, Ken Klippenstein, Washington correspondent for The Nation, says detailed plans for combating a global pandemic were made years, even decades ago by the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security. But no one in the Trump White House seems to have known or cared. 

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Why are guns and ammo considered “essential” elements of retail trade during the coronavirus pandemic?  It’s a complex question, but to people who hate the idea, and to people who love it, the answer to the question is: the political power of the National Rifle Association, the NRA. Investigative reporter Frank Smyth has written an excellent new book The NRA: An Unauthorized History.  Want to know why there is no “authorized” history and what the NRA is hiding about itself?

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One thing we know about the coronavirus epidemic in  America: it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  And then what?  What do we know about the down-slope, about managing public health, reducing social distance and reviving the economy after Covid 19 has passed its peak?  Epidemiologist Justin Lessler of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on the search for answers to those questions, and maybe, how soon we’ll near to shift gears from lockdown to recovery. 

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The first of 2 programs on the coronavirus: the view from the eye of the storm, New York City as caseloads spike and healthcare systems show signs of strain. Shane Harris of the Washington Post had to report the inside view from the outside … journalism in the pandemic era, where it’s all hands on deck to cover Covid-19…but covering the virus gave Shane a fresh angle on a big story from his regular intelligence and national security beat. Who knew what when about this new disease?

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Here’s a scenario: a Congressional candidate has an affair with her campaign manager.  She divorces her husband.  He divorces his wife.  They marry.  But all the while, she’s been paying his company for his political services.  Legal?  Probably.  Ethical?  Well that’s the question before the House Ethics Committee. What about the Congressional candidate who paid herself a salary for running?  Same 2 questions -- Legal? Ethical? Investigative reporter Robert Faturechi of Pro Publica says the record suggests you not expect a clear answer.

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