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How to assess the future, especially the tricky futures of science and technology has long been the job of Daniel Gerstein, who has tried to assess coming threats and opportunities for both the Defense Department and the Department of Homeland Security.  Gerstein spells out his operating principles and how he makes them work in his new book The Story of Technology: How We Got Here and What the Future Holds. Among other revelations – what’s different and what’s the same about science and technology?

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Another Federal Government program built to fail: The Veterans Administration has long had a whistleblower abuse problem.  Criticisms from the inside have always been most unwelcome.  So the VA set up an Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection.  But Daniel Van Schooten of the Project on Government Oversight (aka POGO) says the office doesn’t protect whistleblowers; it often re-abuses them, and accountability rarely reaches outside the agency.

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What was it like to be a slave?  It was a question that went unasked for more than 70 years, until, in 1937, the Federal Government commissioned investigators with notebooks and cameras to seek out people who had been born into slavery.  Richard Cahan co-edited the new book River of Blood: American Slavery from the People Who Lived It which culls some of the best photos and most poignant stores of Americans who once were slaves.  Another example of how much can learn from once-hidden history.

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American history includes some awful massacres, the kind of events people want to forget.  But should history forget ‘em, too?  Russell Contreras, Albuquerque-based reporter for the Associated Press (AP,) specializes in uncovering hidden history, like the story of the first and only massacre recognized in an official US Historical site.  A town next door to the massacre site might like to forget it’s named for the perpetrator of the war crime.  The story of the Sand Creek Massacre.

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Living under lockdown, in Italy, the country with the currently most-deadly outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.  How are people coping and how did the Italian outbreak get so bad? Why is the Italian death rate 3 times higher than almost everywhere else? Rome-based Foreign Correspondent Christopher Livesay has been living through and reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, where the economy was close to recession even before the new flu hit.

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Whatever the crucial details are laying out the Taliban’s promises to keep the peace in Afghanistan and the United States’ expectations and plans for enforcement, the Taliban know them, but neither the Afghan Government nor the American people do.  What is the White House hiding and why? Long-time Washington Post Kabul Bureau Chief Pamela Constable has recently returned to the epicenter of anxiety.

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Matthew Hoh was a decorated Marine infantry officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, turned civilian aid manager for the State Department in the latter war zone.  Now, he works full time for peace as a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy in Washington.  He’s spent a lot of time recently conversing on-line with students and analysts in Iran in the backwash of the US assassination of Gen. Qassem Suleimani.  He says a lot of young Iranians are not ready to write off future relations with the USA.  

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From the brink of war with Iran to a simulation of a peace deal for the Palestinians and Israeli, the Trump Administration has certainly had an active 2020 in the Middle East.  Long-time CIA Mideast analyst Emile Nakhleh, now the Director of the Global and National Security Policy Institute at the University of New Mexico says the danger hasn’t ended with Iran and the peace process is unlikely to start quickly in Palestine.

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So it’s come down to this, the Democratic Party’s nominee to run against President Donald Trump will either be Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, a man with one big, revolutionary idea – Medicare for All versus the man who believes in small steps along the conventional liberal path.  Conventional wisdom is the small idea guy the Big Idea of 2020 is beating President Donald Trump. John Nichols has been following the campaign for The Nation. 

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If the American image of prosperity is “a chicken in every pot,” in China it’s pork on every plate and that spells trouble for the greenery of the Amazon Basin.  Melissa Chan went to Brazil for The Atlantic to report on the connection.  What is it?  Here’s a hint, what does every good pig want to feed on? Soybeans.  And guess where more and more soybeans are being grown, and changing everything from the local economy to the global environment.

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R D Rosen has had a successful career as a mystery novelist.  His series – I’m a big fan – centers on a retired major league baseball player, Harvey Blissberg.  His new book, Tough Luck,  is non-fiction, the biography of NFL quarterback Sid Luckman centers on a solved, if under-reported murder, committed by the athlete’s father.  Part of Rosen’s research involved telling Sid’s son what his Grandfather had done and how his father – and collaborative sportswriters -- had kept it a secret.  

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Today is Super Tuesday, the biggest single day on the Presidential Primary calendar.  The high stakes were apparent in the almost-hysterical intensity of last week”s Democratic debate, where all the other candidates said – what’s wrong with Bernie Sanders is, “he can’t beat Trump.”  Pollster and market strategist John Zogby has been analyzing the race.  He pre-called the results in Iowa by focusing on the Democratic Socialist’s appeal to young voters.  It’s a start, among an age group mostly un-attunded to Trump.  But is it a enough to win the White House? 

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 For the first time, the world had a day with more new cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 outside China than in its country of origin.  While the World Health Organization ponders if this makes it a medical pandemic, Keith Johnson of Foreign Policy says, we are already dealing with an economic pandemic with global implications.  And he says, it is hitting many countries like Japan, Italy and Iran where the national economy was already in trouble.

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