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One thing good television news has given us: a more nuanced view of “mobs in the street.”  Some so-called mobs are really just hired thugs en masse, others are politically inflamed people out of control. But many street demonstrations are gatherings of honest citizens expressing dissent or a specific grievance.  The year 2019 has seen a shocking number of those kinds of street demonstrations in Latin America.  Columbia University analyst Christopher Sabatini takes us around a troubled continent to see what’ explains the “mobs.”

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New York Times sports columnist Michael Powell has written a new book about basketball on the Navajo Reservation, where everything starts from a fan base as rabid, intense and critical about the basketball their high schoolers are playing, as the Italian opera mob is about performances at La Scala.  Talk about pressure on players and coaches!  And that’s without factoring in totems and hexes, family turbulence, and the disadvantages of being a kid from the canyons compare to a kid from the town of Chinle.

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The INF Treaty limiting intermediate range nuclear weapons is dead.  Killed by the Trump Administration after the Obama team failed to stop Russia from building a new, treaty-violating missile,  Already, the arms race is already heating up.  Will Russia, the US and now China all play nuclear “Match Me?”  Arms control expert Joseph Cirincione of The Ploughshares Fund what was lost with INF, the threats to 2 more important security agreements involving the US and Russia, and where the arms race is headed. 

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George Orwell was a pen name – taken to spare his family the shame of public notice of the low life parts of England and France he lived in to write about, before he warned the world against totalitarianism in Animal Farm and 1984. Russell Davidson of the University of New Mexico collected a treasure trove of Orwell books and memorabilia and gave it to the school.

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The US military is being hit with a rising tide of suicides, especially among young veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  One veteran of both, analyst Matthew Hoh of the Center for International Policy, says official statistics show -- the risk of suicide rises with exposure to combat, and even more for those who have killed.  What this points to, Hoh says, is suicide from what he calls “moral injury,” the sense that your wartime experience led you to betray your personal standards of morality or conduct.

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The title of Bruce Riedel’s new book, Beirut 1958: How America’s wars in the Middle East Began doesn’t “tell it all,” but Riedel’s story of how US Marines were sent to Lebanon by President Dwight Eisenhower and what they did when they got there tells a lot even 61 years later. Just one Marine died, but his mission was entirely avoidable.  He was killed by a sniper, and by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles’ Cold War paranoia.

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