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What would President Donald Trump’s “big beautiful wall” do to the beauty of the Rio Grande and its Valley?  And what would the wall do to the lives of the people, animals, even insects who live very interdependently there?  A new documentary, The River and the Wall, directed by Ben Masters, maker of the excellent Unbranded shows you the answers.  Hillary Pierce produced the film and made the trek downriver by bicycle, mustang and canoe, from El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico. 

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An Associated Press investigation shows how members of the same Sackler families showing remorse for overselling opioids in America as they face settlements or judgments in court, are making millions doing very similar things, pushing opioid pain-relief drugs in Italy and around the world.  AP’s Claire Galofaro broke the story of a campaign of false reassurances about opioid addiction by a very-well-paid celebrity physician based on very limited or spurious science.

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When payback gets stupid. China is angry about US attempts to extradite a Chinese businesswoman from Canada and lashes out at Hong Kong, demanding extradition rights it’s never had, including taking local off to mainland China for “justice.”  The result – millions of protesters in the streets. Some local experts call the extradition proposal “the last straw,” another calls the protest, “the last stand” for traditional Hong Kong political freedom.

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The good news about Mad Cow Disease is that an easy reform, eliminating cow brains and spinal materials from cattle feed, has protected both cattle and people.  So far Chronic Wasting Disease, a similar medical issue is only a growing problem for deer and elk; there have been no known transmissions to humans. But saving the animals from this plague is going to be much harder than snuffing out Mad Cow Disease. 

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50 years later, the video replay of Ron Swoboda’s miraculous catch in the 1969 World Series is one of the most watched presentations of one of the best-remembered moments in baseball history.  It’s the starting point for Swoboda’s new book Here’s the Catch: A Memoir of the Miracle Mets and More. Baseball legend Branch Rickey famously said, “Luck is the residue of design.”  He didn’t name the designer.  Swoboda knows he’s a lucky guy.  This is the most transparent, truthful, happy autobiography I’ve ever read.

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Once people ate to survive, then they learned to eat to enjoy.  Now, too many of us eat to eat, to consume, which leads to 3 terrible things: gluttony, radical inequality, and the depletion of Planet Earth. Kevin D. Walker, author of The Grand Food Bargain on how things came to the pint that people choose their foods more for convenience and price than quality. The more you choose the first two, Walker warns, the worse your health.

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In 1935, when it was knowingly inflicting the neurological damage of leaded gasoline on an unsuspecting world, Du Pont took as its slogan” “Better living through chemistry.”  Du Pont understood this is just what people want to believe.  Take the idea of better policing through technology.  People want to believe this, too, but Matt Stroud in his new book Thin Blue Lie says gizmos from Tasers to Vipers to the latest predictive databases and facial recognition software don’t make police better servants of the people. 

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We all have nightmares, but the nightmare arson that destroyed a main building and historical archive at the Highlander School in Tennessee is real and recurring.  Historian Robin D G Kelley on why he and so many other African American or Progressive people take the latest repetition of heinous crime against this unique institution so personally. What Los Alamos Labs was to the atomic bomb, the Highlander School has been for workplace democracy, civil rights and gender equality in America.

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The last time America was the home team in a war was 1865, and the war was the Civil War, probably the 4 worst years in American history.  Waging American war as the visiting team creates many deep frustrations. One of them is how ignorant most of the folks back home are about the reality soldiers face. Elliot Ackerman new book Places and Names wages war on that ignorance with a truth-telling memoir that ranges from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria.

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