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8 times in American history, a President has died in office and been replaced by his Vice President.  Most of the time, not only the Veep, but the Constitutional system seemed unprepared for the change. What should be the powers of the substitute President, and should be assume the title, or keep a word like “acting” in front of it?  And what would happen if the Vice President also passed away while in office? Jared Cohen has written a new book, Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America on the subject.  

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The Department of Homeland Security tasked a team from the RAND Corporation to find out much money people-smuggling cartels were making from the Central American migrant crisis.  Blas Nunez-Neto says what they found out was, there are no people-smuggling cartels, just a lot of small-time exploiters.  But the drug-smuggling cartels are taking their share of the profits.  The surprise?  How small a share that is.

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Sometimes it takes just a single grain of sand to disrupt a fine-tuned machine.  In New Mexico, a dispute over $39 million created a huge bellyache for the state’s $1.4 Billion deal with Facebook.  The state’s Public Regulation Commission rejected a utility company plan to charge consumers for a power grid extension that could benefit Facebook.  PNM insists retail customers will get their investment back and more as Pacebook pays for power over the years.

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The latest wrinkle in the humanitarian crisis on America’s Southern Border -- the Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service (ICE), dumping asylum seekers detained on the American side of the frontier, in nearby cities and towns, to fend for themselves.  One city targeted for dumping is Las Cruces, NM where reporter Algernon D’Ammassa of the Las Cruces Sun has been covering the story of how the city is coping and the help it’s getting from Albuquerque and Santa Fe. 

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It has long been known that the many blows to the head that are part and parcel of playing professional football can lead to concussions and more serious, more permanent brain damage.  But, Michael Powell, sports columnist for the New York Times notes, the NFL is presented as entertainment and players are well paid for the risks they take, but he asks, what about the students playing college football? 

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The ongoing war in Yemen is one of the worst events in the world, and few journalists have reported on it as deeply and well as Jane Ferguson, a Beirut-based free-lance whose video reports from the front lines of military confrontation and civilian starvation have been seen on PBS’ NewsHour.  She sums up the story in Yemen as “man-made famine. For which there seems to be no end in sight.”  How she got to the frontlines in Houthi-held northern Yemen is a story in itself.

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The Global High Wealth team was a special unit of the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, created to unmask the real incomes of some of America’s Greediest, hidden behind forests of legal paper and piles of accountants’ numbers, in an effort to cheap out on their taxes.  Jesse Eisinger, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter at ProPublica tells why the team failed to reach its goals.  One reason: the Obama Administration robbed the IRS budget of money to pay for investigators.

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As is usually the case in Israel, recent national elections left no political party with a majority.  But voters did create conditions in which incumbent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will likely again lead a coalition government.  What then? And what if Netanyahu is indicted on several different criminal charges involving quid pro quo favors for corruption?  Josef Federman, AP’s Bureau Chief in Jerusalem has some provisional answers to those hard questions.

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For every barrel of oil produced,” in NM, Elizabeth Miller, reported in NM in Depth, “five to seven barrels of produced water also emerge from the ground. In 2018, that totaled more than 1 billion barrels. The word for every drop of it is “toxic” which is why the recently passed Produced Waters Act is so important.  Elizabeth will explain why environmental activists – who like much of what’s in the new law – worry about a single loophole written into it. 

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Between December 26, 2018 and mid-April of 2019, 23 horses died at Santa Anita racetrack in Southern California.  The question is why?  And the answer is complicated, because, David Wharton, featured sportswriter at the Los Angeles Times tells us, there are several potential causes. But already the track’s been re-opened and some of its practices drastically reformed before real answers have been found.  This in itself is spurring calls to ban the whole sport of horseracing in California and across the country.

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