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Donald Trump keeps saying he wants to be Vladimir Putin’s friend, but Trump’s renunciation of the nuclear arms agreement with Iran won’t help the relationship, and neither will Israeli attacks on Iranian forces fighting on Russia’s side in Syria.  Scholar-analyst Stephen F. Cohen of NYU and Princeton and The Nation on why the US and Russia aren’t getting along.  Cohen says one reason is the US News Media and its addiction to stories that put Putin in a bad light. 

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The Conservative Republicans of the Nixon era, who created the OSHA system were sure to include stakeholder participation through advisory boards. Now the radical-conservatives of the Trump era have knocked them out, and may some workplace health and safety protections as well.  Has development of a sensor to warn construction workers of approaching  danger been halted, or ended?  Rebecca Moss of the New Mexican and ProPublica tells the story.

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 According to Attorney General Jeff Sessions the threat to our southern border is so great that families who used to be simply deported will now be prosecuted with adults and their children forcibly separated for months at a time, and President Trump has sent the National Guard to the border.  But what are they actually doing there?  Can you say, motor pool? Desert Sage columnist Algernon D’Ammassa of the Deming Headlight with the view from the US-Mexico border.

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President Donald Trump withdraws from the multi-national nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, rejecting pleas from our closest allies and sending Kim Jong Un to Beijing for Chinese advice on the implications for his own negotiations with the US leader.  Joseph Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund on nuclear brinksmanship and diplomacy. Trump’s aggressive policies, he says, could push Israel and Iran into war and make a deal with North Korea even more unlikely. 

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CNS, a corporate combination led by Bechtel National promised it could save the Department of Energy more than 3 billion bucks, running 2 shops in its nuclear weapons program.  They haven’t come close.  So why, investigative reporter Patrick Malone of the Center for Public Integrity asks, does the Government keep giving them big profit bonuses?

CNS’ plan was simple, fire workers and cut benefits to those who aren’t let go.

Guess what.  They did both, but the costs of nuclear weapons keep going up.

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As the 2018 election cycle unfolds, keep you eyes out for avowed racists, nativists and neo-Nazis.  Donna Minkowitz of The Nation Magazine reports there are likely to be a dozen or more such people on the ballot, and one narrowly missed by the Republican Gubernatorial candidate in VA last year.  Here’s running for the Senate this year. Will public acceptance of institutional haters be a big part of President Donald Trump’s political legacy?

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Avoidable deaths have occurred, unnecessary pain and injury, too, because of inadequate medical staffing at jails run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Mary Hudetz of the Associated Press and NM In Depth says the warnings have been piling up for years.  The BIA budget for medical care for all Native Americans provides less than a quarter of the money the Federal Buro of Prisons offers its inmates.  No wonder most American Indian death rates are far worse than for “average Americans.” 

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In 2009, the Albuquerque Police Department made up a label, "The Memphis Mob" to describe a group of African-American men they'd arrested.  It produced headlines and a claim by then-Mayor Martin Chavez that this was "one of the biggest gang busts in Albuquerque history."  Then the label disappeared for 7 years, until, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER JEFF PROCTOR OF NM IN DEPTH says it was used by an APD detective to aim a Federal ATF operation planned for the city.  The result?  27% of the arrests made by the ATF were of African-Americans in a city whose population is just 3% African-American. 

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2017 was an unusually quiet year for school shootings.  2018 has been the opposite.  The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland Florida on February 14th was the 11th of the new year.  And there have been half a dozen more school shooting incidents since.  Dr. Ronald Stephens of the National School Safety Center travels the country advising on how to make schools more secure.  

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After declaring in his usual emphatic way that Turkey’s next national election would be held in November 2019, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suddenly changed plans.  Now the vote will be on June 24.  Journalist and analyst Pinar Tremblay of Al Monitor says the rush to the polls is to prevent opposition parties from finding strong candidates and getting organized in time. Also, the switch means the election will held under the restrictive rules of a State of Emergency, which have been in place since a compromised coup almost 2 years ago. 

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