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Since mid-October, precipitation in  New Mexico has been about 3 squirts and a spit…6 straight months of “historic” drought.  Environmental Reporter Laura Paskus of the NM Political Report says for the state’s recreation and agriculture industries things could hardly look worse. The next hope for real rain is the so-called Monsoon which can start in May or June or never show up at all.  

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Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to Congress, new and tougher rules are needed to protect his customers’ privacy from political manipulators like Cambridge Analytica and Russian trolls.  Zuckerberg says he wants one set of rules, even if they are hard on his company, to apply everywhere on earth.  Craig Timberg of the Washington Post on the soon-to-be enacted European rules on internet privacy and on what Facebook and the Congress are likely to do next. 

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For the first time in almost 60 years, the President of Cuba is not a member of the Castro family.  But does this mean the new President Miguel Diaz-Canel will be Cuba’s real national leader?  AMB. VICKI HUDDLESTON, for several years America’s top diplomat in Cuba says, for a lot of reasons, the answer is not yet clear.  Raul Castro will still lead the Cuban Communist Party and both his son and his former son-in-law remain in powerful government positions. 

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How much impact did the American-led attack on 3 Syrian Government chemical weapon sites have?  Says journalist and author Charles Glass, probably not much.  And how much impact did the missile and bomb assault have on the wider war in Syria?  None at all, is his answer.  We survey the Syrian landscape to update you on the several different battlefronts of his destructive war and ask the question, is it time to end the fighting?

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In 2016, evidence now shows, Russia-tied hackers tried to break into 21 state voting systems.  They succeeded in getting inside voter rolls in Illinois, but, this time, the evidence shows, they did no damage.  2018 is another national election year and reporter Christina Cassidy of the Associated Press, work on securing the voting process still has a long way to go.  One example, the Department of Homeland Security wants 150 security liaisons in place, 3 in each of the 50 states.  So far, they have only gotten security clearance for 20.  

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Who’s that playing the cruel slave owner Simon Legree…could that be Mickey Mouse?  Negotiations over wages and benefits for Disney cast-members only got nastier when Disney made a promised $1000 a worker tax-reform bonus contingent on workers signing a contract they had overwhelmingly rejected.  Reporter Michael Sainato has been covering the story, and he reminds us, Disney is the company forced to pay back  money it had withheld from workers for their uniforms.  Under that pllicy Disney was paying workers well under the Federal minimum wage, even as their profits soared.

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When right-wing Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King attacked Parkland, Florida high school massacre survivor Emma Gonzales for not speaking Spanish, he triggered memories in AP reporter Russell Contreras, who says language bullying to speak, or not to speak Spanish is all too common in America today.  King says the Castro regime’s monopoly on guns is a warning for America, as if the American government were as oppressive as the Cuban.  Hey Congressman, that American govt is who pays your salary.  Why do you take it, of you think it’s so totalitarian in nature?

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Do cell phones increase your risk of cancer.  The latest research from the National Toxicology Program of the National Institutes of Health is less than conclusive, but investigative reporter Mark Hertsgaard of The Nation says, newly released details are more ominous than earlier releases had indicated.  For some cancers, there was what is called “some evidence” of possible linkage, while for at least one cancer..Schwannoma, the evidence in rats was “clear.” 

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By almost every measure, public schools in Canada have a much better record for educating their immigrant students than schools in the United States. What are the reasons why, and how do the Canadians do it?  Kavitha Cardoza of Education Week magazine and the PBS NewsHour says there are several reasons -- all of which could be teaching points for America’s education leaders.  Canada is more selective in which immigrants are accepted, and more supportive of teachers and students in the classroom. And, crucially, the atmosphere for immigrants in Canada is much welcoming than in the USA. 

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In 2015 when mistakes made by contractors for the Federal Environmental Protection Administration unleashed a spew of stored wastewater from the Gold King Mine in Southern Colorado, it created an agricultural disaster for Navajo famers along the banks of the San Juan River, it got the world’s attention.  Not only was the Animas River turned a lurid yellow color, the spill sent a lot of toxic materials downstream. Jonathan P Thompson, author of the new book RIVER OF LOST SOULS says the trouble started more than a century ago, and the danger of other environmental catastrophes is both real and widespread.  

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Italy held national elections last month, and the top-polling party, the anti-political 5 Star Movement won 32% of the votes, a very shaky start on a governing coalition.  Worse, almost all the other parties who got significant numbers of votes say they cannot and will not work with the others.  One voting trend stood out, Italians rejected virtually every party or politician who had a recognizable brand name.  Where does Italy go from there?  Christopher Livesay of PBS NewsHour sorts it out for us from Rome. 

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Bill Press has spent much of his life immersed in politics, starting watching his grandfather work for votes as Mayor of Delaware City, DE…then moving from retail politics to wholesale, as Chair of the Democratic Party of California.  Now he’s in his 3rd decade as a political analyst and commentator, looking at a new corporate-scale political environment.  What does he see for the upcoming campaigns of 2018 and 202?  His new autobiography BILL PRESS FROM THE LEFT covers all of that and more

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One controversial element of the Obama Administration’s nuclear weapons agreement with Iran was the return to Iran of more than a billion dollars in funds that had once been part of the deposed Shah’s weapons-purchase account.  Richard J. Burton was the attorney who helped negotiate the agreement to give the Iranians back their frozen funds.

2 questions still being asked…why was the payment to Iran made in cash? And why wasn’t some of it held back to be used to repay claims by Americans who were victims of Iranian-backed terrorism?

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Xi Jinping has succeeded in positioning himself to be China’s President-for-life and ideological as well as political leader.  A key part of his ideology of total government control is his crackdown on public education.  Peter Herford the former CBS News executive who helped set up the ground-breaking school of Journalism at Shantou University in southeastern China on what Xi’s intervention means.  The new crackdown not only bowdlerizes th content of classes, it restricts all students to one curriculum, eliminating their right to choose their courses. 

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Retired Marine General Jim Mattis is the last man standing from President Donald Trump’s original national security team.  But how long can the Defense Secretary last?  Mark Perry, the author of the new book, THE PENTAGON’S WARS joins us to talk about what happens when there’s friction between the leaders at White House and the Pentagon.  Gen. Mattis tends to take a less ideological approach than his new partners, Secy of State Mike Pompeo and Natl Security Advisor John Bolton, not to mention the President who hired them. 

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