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For almost 40 years Ali Abdullah Saleh more or less ran Yemen.  “Dancing on the heads of snakes,” he called it.  Then he got tossed out during the Arab Spring of 2011.  But he never stopped angling for power…first joining the Houthi revolution and then trying to sell it out to the Saudis. Then the Houthis killed him and now everything in perpetually chaotic Yemen is more chaotic than ever.  Maggie Michael of the Associated Press has been covering the story.  

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Foes in ’76, Friends in ’85.”  That’s what the posters said, advertising the 1885 tour of Buffalo Bill Cody”s Wild West Show with Guest Star Sitting Bull.  What brought the great former buffalo and Indian hunter and the greatest of the Chiefs of the Great Plains Indians together?  And how did the combination work out, and how did autographed pictures and souvenirs figure in?  Deanne Stillman, author of the new book Blood Brothers: The Strange Friendship of Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull tells the story.

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First the President packed the Supreme Court.  Then they lifted term-limits and Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez decided to run for re-election.  Midway through the vote count, the Electoral Commission announced opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla was going to win handily.  That’s when the funny business began…and a crisis ensued.  Christopher Sherman has been covering the Honduras story for the Associated Press.  He tells us about it, in depth on HERE & THERE -- coming up next.

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In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson drove 2 huge pieces of legislation through congress and changed for all time, voting rights and immigration laws in America.  Combine the effects of the 2 laws and you get a political sea-change in America, and now, 52 years later, political analyst Steve Phillips, the author of the book Brown Is the New White, argues, new American demographics make possible a New American Majority made up of people of color and White progressives.  Can this new majority derail Donald Trump?

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Most people think of Equifax as a credit rating company, but actually it’s real source of income is data collected about you and then sold to their real customers.  Many worry that Equifax and its 2 competitors, Experian and Trans Union know and collect too much.  And that was before Equifax was hacked and data about 153 million people were stolen.  Sina Beaghley, cyber-security analyst from the RAND Corporation discusses the implications of Equifax’s cover-up of its being hacked, and charges that it brought the hack on itself by poor security procedures. 

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First the Department of Justice closes down the privately-run Cibola County NM Correctional Facility after 3 inmates die, possibly from poor medical care.  Then The Department of Homeland security reopens it as a detention center for ICE.  Sarah Macaraeg of Reveal and NM In Depth on what happened in between…one secret negotiation, one no-bid contract, and little State or public scrutiny.  Is the prison’s real function to keep would-be asylum-seekers away from legal help?  

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A self-described Mafia leg-breaker, maybe killer, turned effective prosecution witness, goes into the witness protection program and comes out a better class of criminal, a master con man.  The program protects him -- but what about the people he cheats out of millions of dollars?  No, the program doesn’t protect them, us. Investigative reporter Robert Anglen of the AZ Republic broke the story which started when a national chain of more than a dozen bar&grill restaurants began, one by one to go belly up.

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At the recent 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Party Leader and Chinese President Xi Jinping asserted himself, purging ex-bosses here, installing new bosses there, hinting that his next term might not be – as customary – his last and outlining a cult of Thoughts of Chairman Xi.  Timothy Heath of the RAND Corporation on President Xi’s reform of China’s military, his problems with an economy overburdened with debt, and his Chinese Dream of expanded political, economic and military power.

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America’s West Coast states -- Washington, Oregon and California can’t cope with the surge in homeless people.  AP’s Gillian Flaccus says at least 165,000 are presently homeless in the 3 states. 105,000 of them are counted as “unsheltered,” meaning they sleep on the streets, or in parks, or abandoned buildings, train or bus stations.  Who are the New Homeless? More and more they are families, young people under 24, without children, and people who work at regular jobs, but can’t afford a home. 

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New Mexico bet big on a dream.  Building Spaceport America, the country’s first airport for civilian space travelers was the easy part.  And it’s done and most say, well done.  But the space travel airline at the heart of the plan, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic hasn’t had a take-off.  So, the hard parts of the dream, making Spaceport self-sustaining, making it a hub for new services, bringing new jobs to southern New Mexico -- Reporter Heath Haussamen of says the fairest grade on that is an incomplete.

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