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Everywhere you look in New Mexico water rights and water usage are turbulent issues.  Members are quitting the Interstate Stream Commission over a political push for the expensive and dysfunctional plans for the Gila River…while local residents are angry over proposals to take water out of aquifers under the Augustin Plains and the East Mountains to sell it to customers hundreds of miles away..  Laura Paskus of the NM Political Report brings us up to date.  

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600,000 Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee Myanmar in the just past 2 months.  Award-winning photojournalist Paula Bronstein has covered the exodus, and temporary resettlement of the refugees in camps in Bangladesh.  Myanmar’s political leader, the tarnished Nobel peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi says they can come home, but the government won’t extend citizenship and is taking all their lands. 

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Newsman Tony Cheng of CGTN, the Chinese English-language TV newschannel has just watched American-supported fighters, led by units of the Kurdish YPG, expel the Islamic State from its Syrian capital Raqqa.  He also covered the re-taking of the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS.  Again Kurds helped win the battle there.  But now Iraqi government forces, and Iran-trained militia units are expelling Kurds from the oil-0rich areas around Kirkuk.  Will the US defend its once-valued Kurdish allies?  

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For 3 years, AP Investigative Reporter Martha Mendoza and her Pulitzer Prize-winning team have been revealing the slave labor that infects the global seafood industry.  In her latest scoop, she and her colleagues have documented workers from North Korea who process salmon filets that wind up for sale in American Wal-Marts.  The North Koreans work in terrible conditions in northeast China, under constant surveillance, and 70% of their sub-market pay goes straight to the government in Pyongyang. 

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Both in terms of lives lost and property damaged, the wine country wildfires in northern California have been the worst in state history.  Edward Struzik, an award-winning Canadian writer and photographer, and the author of the new book FIRESTORM says our future will be full of record-setting wildfires.  Climate change, hotter, drier weather, and increasing human penetrations of forested areas are, he says, only 2 of the reasons why. 

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Glen Canyon was once one of the most beautiful places in the American Southwest.  And it contained petroglyphs, pottery and other remains of a vanished Native American community.  Now it’s all underwater, just an arm of the huge Lake Powell reservoir.  Krista Langlois of High Country News on a movement to disable the Glen Canyon Dam, and drain Glen Canyon. 

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It’s called pay-to-play,,,you wanna do legitimate business with the State, you gotta pay for the privilege.  This corruption was rampant in NM 9 years ago…the echoes continue today.  Reporter Tripp Stelnicki of the Santa Fe New Mexican brings us up to date on the latest charges.

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Your money or your life, that theatrical old bandit’s choice is real for the Navajo Nation, which has to choose between saving jobs and a big investment in coal, and endangering the long-term health of their members in the 4 Corners area of the Reservation.  AP Correspondent Susan Montoya Bryan on the potentially devastating cost of clearing NM’s skies.

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Two big differences between the Trinity atomic bomb test in NM and the later series of tests in Nevada.  The Nevada tests were public displays, the Trinity test was a secret, and while downwind people made sick by the Nevada tests have gotten federal money, the Trinity downwinders haven’t.  Santa Fe investigative reporter Dennis Carroll updates the story.

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For 141 years, the Buenos Aires Herald was the one English-language newspaper in Argentina.  It closed this summer, better loved than read, in the words of its last editor.  But Joe Goldman who covers Latin America for ABC News, the Herald proved to be well-remembered for its heroism in reporting government crimes during Argentina’s infamous “dirty war” of the 1970s.  Some of its reports on civilians “disappeared” shamed the government into letting them reappear alive. 

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Just as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been accumulating more and more political power, the Turkish one percent has been accumulating more and more wealth.  One occasion for displaying both Presidential power and private wealth is a wedding.  Scholar-journalist Pinar Tremblay of Al-Monitor on wedding bells, and wedding videos and even new religious wedding jobs in Turkey.  Polls suggest young voters, coming of age for the 2019 national elections are not amused. 

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Way out in the wilds of southwestern New Mexico, a paramilitary religious cult set up shop in desert country 60 miles from the nearest town.  The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps was in flight from court judgments in California stemming from charges of psychological intimidation and child abuse.  Albuquerque-based AP correspondent Russell Contreras reports, new charges now accuse cult leaders of repeating past crimes, including in this case the alleged rape of a disabled immigrant girl. 

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It’s the Donald Trump era and hatred is washing over America.  Where do groups like the Charlottesville Neo-Nazis and their Antifa antagonists come from, and where are they, and we, headed?  Brian Levin of California State University, San Bernardino studies the movements and tracks their activities.  He’ll share some in-depth thoughts on why an Antifa cell that’s been active in Portland, OR for 12 years has suddenly gotten much more violent.

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The medical miracle of gene therapy promises to save the lives of many people suffering from rare cancers.  But Gina Kolata of the NY Tines says the asking price for these literally one-of-a-kind medications may be more than patients or our national healthcare system can afford.  $475,000 for a one-dose cure for one type of childhood leukemia?  $900,000 to prevent blindness?  Drug companies say the prices are both fair and necessary.  Not everyone agrees. 

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The United States and Mexico are on the brink of a major agreement on the sharing of water from the Colorado River Basin.  UNM water expert John Fleck calls the agreement a win-win and another great step forward in the rational allocation of the American Southwest’s most necessary resource.  In the face of a 17 year drought, dented only a bit by a wetter 2017, more people in the southwest, city-dwellers and farmers, have learned to use less water.  

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De-confliction…keeping Russian and American forces from fighting each other, even as their proxy warriors battle on in Syria has been working pretty well.  But as endgame in the war against the Islamic State gets nearer, James Sladden of the RAND Corporations says, de-confliction is getting harder to sustain.  The Euphrates River, once a dividing line, has been crossed by Russian allies, and US allies are both complaining and fighting back.

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