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Diplomatic alliances are meant to last as long as they serve the interests of the allies.  And the United States certainly has interests that are served by our alliance with Egypt.  But happens when you wake up in bed with a monster?  What’s a White House to do when the President of Egypt Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi seems bent on turning the clock back 70 years, to a time of brutal tyranny in Cairo? Top diplomat turned policy analyst Michele Dunne sorts through those hard questions.

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It’s back, persistent abuse of the  Federal Government’s H1-b program which allows certain professional workers to come to the United States as guestworkers in newly created jobs.  It’s not supposed to allow Americans long in their jobs top be tossed aside because the new imports are cheaper.  Patrick Thibodeau of has been THE reporter way ahead on this story. He still is, as reports on  IT workers at some of America’s best-known companies.  Embarrassed once, some companies vowed they’d do better.  But have they?

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An informed rough guess is that Medicare and Medicaid lose about $60 billion a year to fraud.  The losses are huge and the criminal conspiracies can be nationwide, but it’s really a few simple crimes being repeated repeated again and again. Investigative reporter Joe Eaton on why these enormous Federal programs do such a bad job of protecting themselves from crime.  And with a few suggestions that might make it easier to catch the crooks and reclaim the loot before they can hide it.

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Start with this – the United States and Turkey call one another allies. But their priorities and enemies lists are not the same.  Turkish journalist and scholar Pinar Tremblay on the stress put on the alliance when pictures of US Troops in Syria wearing the badge of the Kurdish YPG went viral.  The Turkish government considers the YPG enemy terrorists. The US counts on them in Syria. But in Turkey, the wars in Syria and Iraq are sideshows compared the war at home, with increasing terrorist attacks, and retaliatory arrests and imprisonments, and state take-overs of the opposition news media.

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The American-led war against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is aimed at knocking out IS with a one-two punch, expelling them from their Syrian and Iraqi capitol cities, Raqqa and Mosul.  How’s it going?  Hard to say, because very few reporters go there to see.  One who has gone recently to Northern Iraq is Pulitzer Prize winner Roy Gutman.

Roy went to areas where Kurdish pershmerga are fighting IS with the help of American special forces on the ground and American planes above. And he talked with leaders from the Kurdistan Regional Government.  The American imperative to take the city of Mosul from the Islamic State, Roy says, probably won’t happen during President Obama’s term of office. 

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America has a sex problem.  Some symptoms are attitudinal or verbal abuse, sexual pestering, stalking, groping and worse.  Being part of America, the University of NM sees all these symptoms on campus.  The Federal Department of Education cited them for failing to deal with the problem.  Chris Quintana of the ABQ Journal, and what’s happened since.  One criticism has been that the University has responded to its critics by creating too many offices for fighting sexual imposition, and thereby bringing less help, than confusion.

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One way to measure the success of an economy is its ability to create jobs to match its rising population.  That’s hard to do when industrial jobs “are gone and not coming back.”  Brookings economist Isabel Sawhill on growing new jobs for the post-industrial age, and preparing people to take them.  One big change she foresees, the movement of men into health and teaching jobs presently dominated by women, as women finally get their fair share of science and technology jobs. 

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Right now, there’s a Big 5 in American health insurance, but if 2 mergers get approved, that will take it down to a Big 3.  Studies show, in insurance, the fewer the competitors, the faster consumer prices rise.  Investigations Editor David Sirota of International Business Times on getting merger approval in Connecticut.  Insurance companies and their employees have sent millions of dollars to organizations tied to the governor; he’s put a longtime insurance industry insider in charge of monitoring the merger,  Critics wonder who will protect jobs and consumers in Connecticut?

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When it comes to homeless people, you can’t help them if you can’t find them.  Hank Hughes of the New Mexico Coalition to End homelessness on how new technologies and new attitudes are getting more chronically homeless people into places to live.  The new technology allows social service workers to track people without addresses, while the new attitude is in the Housing First imperative, which says, help homeless people with their addiction problems or mental illness, but first, get them into a home, and let them stay there, even when they slip in rehabilitation.

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They call it BREXIT, the idea that Great Britain should take the exit ramp out of the European Union.  Almost all the experts and authorities want the UK to stay in, but the polls still have it too close to call.  Gregory Katzis AP Bureau Chief in London, reporting and directing reporting on the Brexit story. The June 23 vote is expected to split the ruling Conservative party, and enhance the right-wing UK Independence Party, but how will followers of the opposition Labor Party vote?   One way or the other, estimates are this is a vote with billions of pounds of economic activity in the balance. 

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The latest on Zika and its threat to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games… Elizabeth Whitman, health business reporter for International Business Times talks about the high-powered 150 “experts” who’ve said the games should be moved or postponed and the swift rejection that idea got from the International Olympic Committee, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.)  The medical people say global spread of Zika is so inevitable from normal human travel between the Zika Zone and the rest of the world that half a million visitors in Brazil for the Olympics won’t make much of a difference. The IOC has more than $4 billion in revenues at stake. 

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Covering Hillary Clinton, on the Presidential campaign trail for more than a year now, AP National Political Reporter Lisa Lerer, has a problem: the candidate won’t talk to her.  It’s not personal, she just doesn’t bother with print reporters.  The guy from the Washington Post has been frozen out for 13 months!  But don’t worry, there’s still plenty to report just from public events. And Lisa has the benefit of living institutional memory from her AP colleague Beth Harpaz, whose recently-re-published classic book The Girls in the Van, is about covering Hillary Clinton’s first Senate Campaign 16 years ago.  One judgment both reporters share is that the word for Hillary is “unknowable.”

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Many of these children literally walked a thousand miles and swam a river to sneak into the United States, in search of family members or voluntary protectors who will help them find better lives.  They’ve made it that far, says Associated Press investigative reporter Garance Burke, only to be turned away from American public schools.  Laws in all the states and the Federal Government say this shouldn’t be happening, but it is, and remember, all the people being denied their right to an education here are children.

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In an America too often paralyzed by partisan or ideological divisions, stakeholders who used to be enemies joined forces to make 2 big Federal environmental projects move forward.  Elizabeth Shogren of High Country News on potential good news for hikers in New Mexico and Colorado and farmers, Native Americans and salmon in Washington State.  She also explains how these Green coalitions came to work together and why not everyone is happy with that work produced.

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