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Italy held national elections last month, and the top-polling party, the anti-political 5 Star Movement won 32% of the votes, a very shaky start on a governing coalition.  Worse, almost all the other parties who got significant numbers of votes say they cannot and will not work with the others.  One voting trend stood out, Italians rejected virtually every party or politician who had a recognizable brand name.  Where does Italy go from there?  Christopher Livesay of PBS NewsHour sorts it out for us from Rome. 

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Bill Press has spent much of his life immersed in politics, starting watching his grandfather work for votes as Mayor of Delaware City, DE…then moving from retail politics to wholesale, as Chair of the Democratic Party of California.  Now he’s in his 3rd decade as a political analyst and commentator, looking at a new corporate-scale political environment.  What does he see for the upcoming campaigns of 2018 and 202?  His new autobiography BILL PRESS FROM THE LEFT covers all of that and more

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One controversial element of the Obama Administration’s nuclear weapons agreement with Iran was the return to Iran of more than a billion dollars in funds that had once been part of the deposed Shah’s weapons-purchase account.  Richard J. Burton was the attorney who helped negotiate the agreement to give the Iranians back their frozen funds.

2 questions still being asked…why was the payment to Iran made in cash? And why wasn’t some of it held back to be used to repay claims by Americans who were victims of Iranian-backed terrorism?

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Xi Jinping has succeeded in positioning himself to be China’s President-for-life and ideological as well as political leader.  A key part of his ideology of total government control is his crackdown on public education.  Peter Herford the former CBS News executive who helped set up the ground-breaking school of Journalism at Shantou University in southeastern China on what Xi’s intervention means.  The new crackdown not only bowdlerizes th content of classes, it restricts all students to one curriculum, eliminating their right to choose their courses. 

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Retired Marine General Jim Mattis is the last man standing from President Donald Trump’s original national security team.  But how long can the Defense Secretary last?  Mark Perry, the author of the new book, THE PENTAGON’S WARS joins us to talk about what happens when there’s friction between the leaders at White House and the Pentagon.  Gen. Mattis tends to take a less ideological approach than his new partners, Secy of State Mike Pompeo and Natl Security Advisor John Bolton, not to mention the President who hired them. 

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