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According to recent surveys, just over 10% of America’s working adults – people with jobs – are going hungry.  Here in NM, the rate is the highest in America.  15.3% of the working men and women in New Mexico regularly fail to feed themselves or their families.  And yet, President Trump wants to make it harder to get food stamps, and America exports well over $100 billion worth of food products every year.  Joel Berg, once a top manager in the Department of Agriculture, now leads Hunger-Free America…a brand name and a far off aspiration.

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The bottom is dropping out of America.  A Nobel Prize economist says deep poverty in the USA is as bad as the worst in Bangladesh or Burkina Faso.  And it’s spreading:  One sure sign: hunger.  As usual, California shows the way to the future.  Charlotte Simmonds of the Guardian’s Outside in America team on how a new generation of hungry and homeless people have swamped Silicon Valley.

Prominent among the new needy, families, young singles, and people with full-time jobs.

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If President Trump’s aim at Davos was to put America First, he did it, in his own mind and in his own speech.  But most observers rated the American third, at best, in impact, well behind France’s Macron and China’s money.  What got people’s attention were Macron’s brainpower and China’s huge expansion of tis global loans for infrastructure and influence program.  We talk with financial strategist Nomi Prins, author of the just-published book Collusion about the show at Davos and the real world economy beyond it. 

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It may be the most successful American revolution since 1776, the bottom-to-top renovation of tomato business.  The point: to get tomato pickers closer to a living wage and more humane working conditions.  The farm fields, in Florida and up the east coast as far as Virginia that produce close to half of all the tomatoes eaten in the United States meet that standard.  Look for the Fair Food label.  Susan Marquis, Dean of the Graduate School at the RAND Corporation and the author of I AM NOT A TRACTOR, on the tomato revolution and how it was accomplished.

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