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The city of Fresno, California and the surrounding jurisdictions of California’s Central Valley register among the highest rates in the state of both teenage pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease.  Fresno Bee reporter Mackenzie Mays did a series of reports showing that the public schools, which could be part of a solution, actually may be worsening the crises.  For example, the Fresno School Board President publically proclaims his kids have always opted out of any kind of public school sex education…not that a lot is offered to kids who desperately need it. 

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In Afghanistan, the more new developments are reported, the more the problems remain the same.  Award-winning photo-journalist Finbarr O’Reilly, the co-author of the great dual memoir with Thomas Brennan, Shooting Ghosts, about returning from the Afghan war to the normality of peace, is just back from a visit to Afghanistan.  This time he swapped his cameras for an iPhone and his Kevlar armor for civilian clothing. Both changes made a difference  Finbarr’s insights are worth your attention..

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Net neutrality, it once ruled the American internet, but now it’s gone.  So what?  Ali Velshi, the Chief Business Correspondent for NBC News offers some looks ahead to a near-certainty of higher consumer costs and the frightening possibility of reduced services and censored content.

The big change in the Trump FCC rules is far less regulation for the oligarchies that dominate both internet service provision and content creation.  As the old blues goes…you don’t miss your neutrality till it’s gone. 

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