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The latest on Zika and its threat to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games… Elizabeth Whitman, health business reporter for International Business Times talks about the high-powered 150 “experts” who’ve said the games should be moved or postponed and the swift rejection that idea got from the International Olympic Committee, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.)  The medical people say global spread of Zika is so inevitable from normal human travel between the Zika Zone and the rest of the world that half a million visitors in Brazil for the Olympics won’t make much of a difference. The IOC has more than $4 billion in revenues at stake. 

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Covering Hillary Clinton, on the Presidential campaign trail for more than a year now, AP National Political Reporter Lisa Lerer, has a problem: the candidate won’t talk to her.  It’s not personal, she just doesn’t bother with print reporters.  The guy from the Washington Post has been frozen out for 13 months!  But don’t worry, there’s still plenty to report just from public events. And Lisa has the benefit of living institutional memory from her AP colleague Beth Harpaz, whose recently-re-published classic book The Girls in the Van, is about covering Hillary Clinton’s first Senate Campaign 16 years ago.  One judgment both reporters share is that the word for Hillary is “unknowable.”

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Many of these children literally walked a thousand miles and swam a river to sneak into the United States, in search of family members or voluntary protectors who will help them find better lives.  They’ve made it that far, says Associated Press investigative reporter Garance Burke, only to be turned away from American public schools.  Laws in all the states and the Federal Government say this shouldn’t be happening, but it is, and remember, all the people being denied their right to an education here are children.

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In an America too often paralyzed by partisan or ideological divisions, stakeholders who used to be enemies joined forces to make 2 big Federal environmental projects move forward.  Elizabeth Shogren of High Country News on potential good news for hikers in New Mexico and Colorado and farmers, Native Americans and salmon in Washington State.  She also explains how these Green coalitions came to work together and why not everyone is happy with that work produced.

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