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Today on HERE AND THERE:  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are running out of water….but they still need alfalfa to feed their horses and cattle.  Their answer, buy land in Arizona and grow the thirsty crop there.  AP Reporter Felicia Fonseca on a hard question -- Will these farms-for-export further drain an already dry state?

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Today on HERE AND THERE:  When the British Empire ended the trade in slaves from Africa, plantation owners in Guiana turned to indentured workers from India.  Gaiutra Bahadur, award-winning author of Coolie Woman tells us what happened next, and how today’s independent state of Guyana still shows the effects.

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Today on HERE AND THERE:  America’s medical care industry says cuts in Federal funding have put them in a financial squeeze.  But should that squeeze roll downhill?  Should doctors try to squeeze financial contributions from grateful patients?  Dr. Joseph Carrese of Johns Hopkins took the first serious look at the subject.

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Today on HERE AND THERE:  Just off the beach of the Greek Island of Lesbos, rough seas can dump refugee children, parents and grandparents into the Aegean Sea to flounder their way to shore.  The lucky ones have a smoother ride, and wade ashore, but still arrive cold and wet…and that’s the beginning of the journey.  Photojournalist Paula Bronstein describes the human crisis she saw through her lens.

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Today on HERE AND THERE:  New Mexico’s water crisis starts at the top of its mountains, which is where snowpack should collect…but environmental reporter Laura Paskus says the best place to measure the future of the state’s changing climate is at the bottom…of the state’s river Basins.  At either end of the circuit, she says, the future looks hotter and drier…will the vaunted Big El Nino make a difference?

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Today on HERE AND THERE:  Sunni Saudi Arabia is engaged in a regional religious war with Shi’ite Iran, with other countries like Syria and Yemen as just pawns in its game.  And where do women fit into a Saudi election in which they can run, but can campaign in front of only 0.2% of the voters.  Carol Giacomo of the NY Times is just back from Riyadh.

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Today on HERE AND THERE:  Strategic planning for the war against the Islamic State took 2 serious jolts this month – the terrorist attacks in Paris and the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian fighter-bomber over Syria.  RAND Corporation Sr. Analyst Brian Michael Jenkins  helps us sort out the implications in the terrible conflict in which every nation seems to be out only for itself.

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Islamic State terrorists strike in Paris, killing 130 civilians…it’s the second such attack in the French capitol this year and the reaction has been public anxiety and political agitation.  Paris resident and former star 60 Minutes Producer Barry Lando on France’s war against Islamist terrorism.  There are now armed guards outside museums and churches, armed police on the streets in Paris, and fleets of French bombers, joining the Russian Air Force in attacking the Islamic State “capitol” of Raqqa, Syria.  Is this a winning, or just an ordinary-life-changing strategy?

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WHO, cancer research

Suspected 985 substances, categorized according to risk; only one is in safe category

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