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Islamic State terrorists strike in Paris, killing 130 civilians…it’s the second such attack in the French capitol this year and the reaction has been public anxiety and political agitation.  Paris resident and former star 60 Minutes Producer Barry Lando on France’s war against Islamist terrorism.  There are now armed guards outside museums and churches, armed police on the streets in Paris, and fleets of French bombers, joining the Russian Air Force in attacking the Islamic State “capitol” of Raqqa, Syria.  Is this a winning, or just an ordinary-life-changing strategy?

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WHO, cancer research

Suspected 985 substances, categorized according to risk; only one is in safe category

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Today on HERE AND THERE, Amb. Ryan Crocker practiced diplomacy from Pakistan to Lebanon for 40 years.  His embassies have been blown up once and attacked twice more, but his response has been service that’s been cool under fire, and un-intimidated afterwards.  He shares some penetrating assessments of American policies toward Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Today on HERE AND THERE, the last and only success story from the Arab Spring, Tunisia, is under attack by several different groups of terrorists who have devastated the national economy by frightening away tourists.  Tunis-based correspondent Christine Petre tells us why the short-term situation in Tunisia looks bad, and the long-term could be worse.

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Today on HERE AND THERE, investigators for the Center for Public Integrity have rated how the 50 States do on that criterion…integrity.  What they found is pretty depressing.  For example, New Mexico got a D—and still beat 16 other states.  Gwyneth Doland did the investigation of New Mexico and details its un-pretty picture.

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Today on HERE AND THERE, fighting a foreign war without American boots on the ground means building effective local surrogates.  So, far that’s gone badly in Syria, so now the US is declaring some of the militias already in combat our “allies.”  Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent Roy Gutman has talked with the Kurdish designated hitters, and has his doubts.

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Today on HERE AND THERE , A trail ride along the Continental Divide from the Mexican to the Canadian border is tough any way you do it…but how about when the ride is on the back of barely trained wild mustangs.  Executive Producer Cindy Meehl on the documentary Unbranded that takes you along for the ride.

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Today on HERE AND THERE, Why so much American aid in Afghanistan has accomplished so little.  Journalist, novelist and former aid worker, Will Everett on burning taxpayers money…sending it into territory where no outside oversight can be considered safe, where tribal obligations trump American priorities.

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Today on HERE AND THERE,  America’s Mideast muddle in a nutshell: Turkey’s President declares war on Kurds he calls terrorists.  But some of them are America’s most effective allies in the war against the Islamic State.  Meanwhile, analyst and frequent visitor to the war zones, Barak Barfi says, the Kurds have been digging defensive lines signaling, they’ve gone as far as they want to against IS.

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