Here And There with Dave Marash
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In Vietnamese, the phrase, “may you live in interesting times,” is considered a curse.  Women in Pakistan, and much of the Islamic world know why.  The times they are living through are more than just interesting.  Rafia Zakaria has written two recent books, The Upstairs Wife and Veil that reveal the changes in national politics and religious practices that challenge women from Karachi to Timbuktoo.  Their status as citizens, as wives, as women is changing…but what will come next is still a mystery. 

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Glenn Simpson was an ace investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal, until he took his skills private and formed the research firm Fusion GPS.  Simpson calls what his company does – things like compiling the so-called dossier of alleged connections between associates of Donald Trump and associates of Vladimir Putin – “journalism for rent.”  It’s a label investigative reporter Jack Gillum of the Washington Post finds troubling.  Fusion GPS uses the means of journalism, but often to ends that look like journalism minus a lot of professional standards. 

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Anne Frank kept a secret diary while hiding out from the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam.  She was betrayed, captured and killed by the Nazis but her diary became world famous.  During the Islamic State occupation of Mosul, a young girl Anne Frank’s age also kept a secret diary, but published it on Facebook.  Reporter Bram Janssen of the Associated Press found “Ferah” and tell us her story which ends with her and her family surviving occupation and outlasting the jihadi terrorists.

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For many years at the Rocky Mountain News, M. E. Sprengelmeyer had what a lot of people consider a dream job, ace reporter for a major regional newspaper.  M. E. covered war in Iraq and Afghanistan and politics in Washington and on the campaign trail.  Then the Rocky closed and M E found HIS dream job.  For 8 years he ran the small town weekly, The Guadalupe County Communicator in Santa Rosa, NM.  He shares that experience with us, what he learned about reporting and small town life and why he’s decided to quit ‘em both.

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The city of Fresno, California and the surrounding jurisdictions of California’s Central Valley register among the highest rates in the state of both teenage pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease.  Fresno Bee reporter Mackenzie Mays did a series of reports showing that the public schools, which could be part of a solution, actually may be worsening the crises.  For example, the Fresno School Board President publically proclaims his kids have always opted out of any kind of public school sex education…not that a lot is offered to kids who desperately need it. 

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In Afghanistan, the more new developments are reported, the more the problems remain the same.  Award-winning photo-journalist Finbarr O’Reilly, the co-author of the great dual memoir with Thomas Brennan, Shooting Ghosts, about returning from the Afghan war to the normality of peace, is just back from a visit to Afghanistan.  This time he swapped his cameras for an iPhone and his Kevlar armor for civilian clothing. Both changes made a difference  Finbarr’s insights are worth your attention..

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Net neutrality, it once ruled the American internet, but now it’s gone.  So what?  Ali Velshi, the Chief Business Correspondent for NBC News offers some looks ahead to a near-certainty of higher consumer costs and the frightening possibility of reduced services and censored content.

The big change in the Trump FCC rules is far less regulation for the oligarchies that dominate both internet service provision and content creation.  As the old blues goes…you don’t miss your neutrality till it’s gone. 

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For almost 40 years Ali Abdullah Saleh more or less ran Yemen.  “Dancing on the heads of snakes,” he called it.  Then he got tossed out during the Arab Spring of 2011.  But he never stopped angling for power…first joining the Houthi revolution and then trying to sell it out to the Saudis. Then the Houthis killed him and now everything in perpetually chaotic Yemen is more chaotic than ever.  Maggie Michael of the Associated Press has been covering the story.  

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