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Today on HERE AND THERE, It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership, and President Obama sees it as part of his legacy.  But analyst Rick Rowden, who writes for says, TPP’s is likely to be more riches for the rich, more job losses for American workers, less regulation of multi-national corporations, and a free pass for them around laws passed by Congress.

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Today on HERE AND THERE, a deep look into a dark period of American history, the internment of Japanese residents and citizens alike, during World War 2.  Author Richard Reeves’ new book INFAMY, details how more than 4500 so-called alien enemies wound up in a concentration camp in Santa Fe, even as hundreds of Japanese-American volunteers were heroically fighting against Germany and Japan.

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Today on HERE AND THERE, investigative reporter Douglas Gillison of the online newsgroup 100 Reporters, tells us about a pair of persistent problems at the United Nations.  One involves rapes committed by UN peacekeepers against the very vulnerable people they have been assigned to protect, the other is what happens to whistleblowers who try to get the UN to end the wrongdoings.

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipris went to the people for a mandate to hang tough against European demands for still more economic austerity.  He got it, but days later, caved to even tougher demands, saying the alternatives were even worse. Al Jazeera America's PatriciaSabga has been in Athens watching the diplomacy play out and the popular dismay build.

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Discussion;  Pope Francis on physical, environmental and moral issues

“How we treat each other reflects in how we treat our environment”

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US economy in this primary season

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The multi-party talks over Iran’s nuclear future are headed to another supposed deadline, with much more than Iran’s use of nuclear technology at stake.  Business and Economics Correspondent Ali Velshi, host of Al Jazeera America’s nightly On Target has been watching the diplomacy and its effects on the Iranian people from Tehran 

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Today on HERE AND THERE, a newly-released television documentary, Rape on the Night Shift explored the sexual abuses committed against the mostly undocumented, frequently trafficked women who clean offices, businesses and malls after the day shift goes home.  We’ll talk with investigative producer Daffodil Altan on HERE AND THERE.

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Today on HERE AND THERE, new revelations of government corruption have brought tens of thousands of protestors to the streets of Guatemala and Honduras.  Their demands? the political leadership should go and democracy should be made real.  Guatemala-based reporter Louisa Reynolds on the hopes for a Central American Spring.

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Today on HERE AND THERE,  One of the world’s leading experts on terrorism, Brian Michael Jenkins of the RAND Corporation, on President Obama’s new clarification of an enduring American policy on dealing for hostages held by terrorists abroad, and the new rulebook and bureaucracy he’s created for it.

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