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For undocumented immigrants to the United States, the rules are changing.  And Caitlin Dickerson of the NY Times reports this can mean quicker arrest, and worse living conditions while in detention.  Right now, some of these changes are still just proposals, but the Trump White House says it’s going to make life harder for undocumented migrants from Mexico, Central America and Haiti.  The Trump plan calls for more agents for the Immigration Service and Border Patrol, more use of local lock-ups as detention facilities and denial of almost all legal, civil and human rights for the immigrants.  

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You get what you pay for, which makes the NM State Legislature a bargain, since it’s members get no salaries at all, just small per diems for the days they’re in Session.  This means for many NM law-makers, the free meals and gifts they get from lobbyists can make a difference in their lives, and for some lobbyists it can mean they get what they pay for.  Sandra Fish of uses big data to sort out winners and losers, although, she admits, NM could really improve the transparency of its governance.

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Whether or not the House-passed repeal, replace and ruin of Obamacare bill ever gets through the Senate, American health care will remain the world’s most expensive, and nowhere near the world’s best.  Journalist Elisabeth Rosenthal, herself an experienced physician, has written a new best-selling book, An American Sickness, which not only details the many failings of our healthcare system, but has lots of suggestions on how you can get your best value from it.

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Manufacturing pharmaceuticals has long been a highly profitable business.  But there were risks involved, high costs for research and development for drugs that might never work, or find a market.  But now, we have vulture pharma manufacturers, who buy old companies, dump all the expensive R&D and jack prices sky-high.  Investigative reporter Roddy Boyd on the rise and fall of Valeant the king of the vultures.  Wall Street loved this predatory model, and now some of the fattest hedge fund hogs are out billions of dollars.

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Opiate addiction is a major American problem, and the biggest drug pushers are the so-called legitimate manufacturers of opioid medicines.  So how come they are far less punished for putting millions of doses onto the streets than some schlub who sells 5 pills? Lenny Bernstein and Scott Higham won a George Polk Award for their series of investigative reports. Thet bring us up today on the fumbling Federal attempts to reign-in the billion-dollar opioid maker Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. 

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It’s been called the fastest-growing religious group in the Western Hemisphere: The cult of Santa Muerte, the Goddess of Death.  Millions have joined in Mexico…tens of thousands in the United States.  Albuquerque-based AP reporter Russell Contreras on what caused Catholic Church leaders in Texas and New Mexico to follow up on the denunciations of Santa Muerte by Pope Francis and church leaders in Mexico. Followers include drug criminals, sex workers and others who see themselves as outcasts from society.

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The vote for the National Legislature a year and a half ago, and polls taken in recent weeks show, 3 out of 4 Venezuelans want President Nicolas Maduro to leave office, and the sooner the better. Joshua Goodman, AP Buro Chief for northern South America has watched as support for, and protests by the opposition have grown.  Even after President Maduro called back an attempt by the Supreme Court to fire the Parliament, calls for his ouster have intensified.

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It looks like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won the referendum to restructure government to give him dictatorial powers.  But the vote was close and tainted by more than a million potentially illegal  ballots his supporters managed to get counted. Turkish-American journalist and scholar Pinar Tremblay sees trouble ahead.  Will Erdogan step up his purges from government jobs and his jailing of political opponents, and what about all those voters who think they’ve been cheated? 

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The US has dropped its biggest non-nuclear bomb on Islamic State hideouts in Afghanistan.  Former Afghan President Karzai calls his successor Abdel Ghani a “traitor” for authorizing the bombing. Will “the mother of all bombs” make a difference?  And for whom?  Journalist, author, aid worker and recent Kabul visitor, Will Everett on a country in which most of the young people want just one thing, a way out.  Is this any place for America to invest in to trying to build a future? 

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Let’s face it, American healthcare is a mess.  It costs us more and gives us less than most citizens get in every other First World country. And most of what’s been proposed by President Trump and the deadlocked Republicans in Congress will only make things worse.  NBC News Chief Business Correspondent and MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi sorts through the bad ideas and the consequences.  The next big decisions by the President and our legislators are only days away, and they could cost you your money or your life.

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