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Goodluck Jonathan, the incumbent President of Nigeria loses, and admits it with grace, thereby doing a favor for the winner Muhammadu Buhari and a bigger one for Nigeria.  Today on HERE AND THERE, former US diplomat, turned policy analyst and thriller writer Todd Moss talks about Africa -- the possibilities for better times in Nigeria and worse times in Zimbabwe.

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Martha and Grant Franks went from Santa Fe to Beijing, to teach and to learn.  On HERE AND THERE today, they'll tell us about both experiences, with Chinese students, faculty members and the Communist Party educational bureaucracy.  Plus, they got to survive China's environmental disaster, the air your bathe in Beijing.

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In Yemen chaos has gone from a continuing condition to a hyper-active emergency.  In Syria, the bad guys have won a big victory over the worse guys, while the worst guys -- the Islamic State remain a powerful threat.  On HERE AND THERE, Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent Roy Gutman is our guest today, sorting out a Mideast gone mad.

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 Is America menaced by a new cyberwar?  Or is it just a new hi-tech form of international competition?  Our guest today on HERE AND THERE is reporter and author Shane Harris, whose recent book @War looked with remarkable clarity at both possibilities.  But, he says Cyberwarfare has already bounced counter-terrorism into second place in National Security budgets and priorities. 

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As America becomes more and more a Darwinian battlefield, opportunities for the rich and powerful to victimize the poor and vulnerable only grow.  Today's guest on HERE AND THERE, investigative reporter Joseph Sorrentino reveals news ways in which itinerant farmworkers are cheated and robbed of their pitiful wages.

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You used to buy coffee in a one-pound can, but today it's 13, 12, 11 ounces.  Where will the shrinkage stop?  On today's HERE AND THERE, Tod Marks of Consumer Reports on how package sizes keep getting smaller, even as prices stay the same.

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In Liberia, they're still recovering, in Sierra Leone and Guinea, they're still fighting the outbreak of Ebola that had killed an estimated 10,000 people.  On today's HERE AND THERE, epidemiologist Justin Lessler says there's a new threat on the way: measles with, again thousands of lives under threat.

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THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU is the title of acclaimed investigative reporter Robert Scheer's new book...and on today's HERE AND THERE Scheer spells out how data mining for retail advertising and snooping for nation security have combined to undermine your privacy.

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The women had been dead for 4 years or more before their bodies were found in shallow graves on Albuquerque's West Mesa.  Police investigations into their disappearances were even shallower, and today, 6 years later still, the murders are unsolved.  Pulitzer Prize nominated investigative reporter Diana Washington Valdez of the El Paso Times is still on the case.

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Dilma Rousseff has been President of Brazil for a little more than 4 years, and over that period, 14 reporters have been murdered, 2 in the past 2 weeks.  What might be behind the murders, and how journalists are fighting back against them.  Carlos Lauria of the Committee to Protect Journalists is our guest today on HERE AND THERE.

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