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When a police officer stops your car and dials into his department's databank, he or she can learn a lot about you.  What's to stop abuse of your private history?  Not much.  The AP's Justice Department Correspondent Eric Tucker says misuse of what should be protected data happens all the time...but usually, it never gets reported. One exception, when dozens of Florida cops started harrassing a colleague because she'd pulled over another officer doing more than 100 mph.  Her case got the state to crack down on database abuse.

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The Administration of NM Gov. Susana Martinez says its newly-promulgated “copper rule” will protect the environment and create jobs and investment. But the copper industry is dead in the water…not likely to create new jobs…or make new investments…and says Douglas Meiklejohn of the NM Environmental Law Center the new copper rule, by granting new rights to the companies, actually endangers the state’s ground water resources, by loosening restrictions on where copper mines can be dug.

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Understanding the threat of terrorism in America – what assets account for this country’s real, if imperfect success, so far, in containing would-be domestic terrorists? Why have Islamic State operatives and allies done far more damage in Europe? Could global terrorism spread if IS is driven from its so-called Caliphate in Syria and Iraq? RAND Corporation analyst Brian Michael Jenkins on identifying terrorist threats and combating them.

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4.8 million Syrians have fled their country and are refugees.  Roughly 1.2 million have made it to temporary homes in Europe, but more than 50,000 Syrian refugees are trapped in Greece… Conditions in the camps are pretty bad, and reporter Jeanne Carstensen of PRI’s The World, sheer frustration may have caused refugees to burn down their own tents. 

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If you want to understand America, says pollster and marketing strategist John Zogby, you have to understand its new tribes. Zogby’s new book, We Are Many, We Are One, doesn’t see an America gone Native, but a nation fracturing into 11 different, and sometimes mutually exclusive parts. Who are The Adventurists, The Dutifuls, The Outsiders, and who is following The One True Path? We’ll talk about how Zogby’s “neo-tribes” are approaching the Presidential election.

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Just last week, an American warship fired missiles to destroy 3 anti-ship missile radar bases in Yemen.  It was retaliation for an unsuccessful missile attack by Yemen’s insurgent Government forces: Houthi tribesmen or militias run by the country’s ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh.  It was America’s first direct military intervention in the Yemen war, and deepened our identification with a war-crime filled war started by our allies, the King and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. CodePink founder Medea Benjamin looked at our Saudi alliance in her book, Kingdom of the Unjust.

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Today on HERE & THERE:Albuquerque Police Department’s Federal Monitor James Ginger recently gave the APD a public spanking, accusing it of dragging its feet, and then substituting bluff and PR baloney for making needed changes in training and accountability for the use of force against civilians. KRQE TV’s Matt Grubs has been covering the story, and also recently un-covered what looks like a case of blatant multi-million dollar bid-rigging at Sunport, the city’s airport. 

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NINA BURLEIGH, NEWSWEEK -- The Presidential Campaign, after the second debate.

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AP Reporter Russell Contreras on heroin and opiate on the rez, in the pueblos and in Northern NM

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Remember when standard sized packaging had to live up to a recognized standard, 16 ounces is a pint, 32 a quart and packaging should reflect that?  Not any more…today that standard has been squeezed so that now a once 64 ounce half-gallon of juice is likely to be just 59 ounces…a 16 ounce bottle of salad dressing by be 13 ounces.  Tod Marks of Consumer Reports in a re-run of his guided tour of the path of the shrinking package.

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Perhaps the biggest business story of the year in New Mexico was the decision by Facebook to locate a new service center in Los Lunas, south of Albuquerque. The deal brings a future-oriented mega-brand, and hundreds of short term and dozens of long-term jobs. But what did it cost local and state taxpayers? Joe Cardillo of ABQ Business First

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2016 has been a bad year in the conceptual Caliphate of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  IS territory has shrunk, with a defeat in the Iraqi city of Fallujah that followed an earlier one in Ramadi.  Just as bad for IS, a big chunk, maybe 30%, of it’s financial infrastructure has been lost, much of it to American airpower.  Eric Robinson of the RAND Corporation analyzes the war to bust the Islamic State’s piggy bank and liberate their last 2 strongholds.  Facing immanent attack, the Iraqi city of Mosul, in more normal times, a city of more than a million people. 

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There’s a lot of news out there, on paper, on radio, on tv, computer and personal digital devices.  A lot of news, some good, some bad, some simply fake.  Helping consumers get the most out of their exposures to news is one goal of The News Literacy Project, founded by our guest today Alan Miller.  2 more are teaching students about the values and value of journalism.  The Project started with 3 classrooms, now its curriculum is being taught in schools in New York City and Washington,  Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.

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In Egypt: more prosecutions of free speech, with dozens of journalists and activists already in prison.  In NY, Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump pledge American loyalty to Cairo’s coup-created dictatorship in visits to President ex-Gen. Abdul Fatta el-Sisi.  Mideast scholar Marc Lynch looks at the grim Mideast reality in the backwash of the Arab Spring, and at how it is recreated daily by the highly-competitive Arabic-speaking media, old, new and social. 

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How did it happen at Wells Fargo Bank…2 million bogus bank accounts, more than half a million credit cards issued to people who never asked for them, perhaps 10,000 employees involved in a scam that cheated customers for at least 5 years. Ethicist Lee Ellis on the culture that sustained the cheaters…

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What’s Vladimir Putin up to, playing the aggressive military supporter in Syria, while appearing to tone down Russian aggression and aggressive Russians in Eastern Ukraine? Former US Ambassador William Courtney, now a specialist in Russia at the RAND Corporation joins us.

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At Meadowlands Hospital in northern New Jersey they have a program that they call AmeriMama. The program has been aggressively advertised to pregnant women in Russia as a healthy way to give birth that also gives your child citizenship in the United States.  Investigative reporter Lilo Stainton of NJSpotlite broke the story.

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Remember, last August, when the San Juan River ran a shocking yellow?  After 3 million gallons of waste water loaded with 440 tons of toxic metals, including cadmium, arsenic, and lead were accidentally released at the abandoned Gold King Mine, near Silverton, Colorado?  Last month the clean-up became a Federal Superfund project.  Rachell Conn of Amigos Bravos tells us what that means and brings us up to date on the state o the water and the bottom in those rivers.

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The latest polls indicate, the overwhelming Presidential choice of the American people is Neither of the Above….dislikes outnumber likes for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by almost 2 to 1 and and support for both candidates is trending down.  Meanwhile, the likeliest 3rd choice, Libertarian Gary Johson blew his chance to get into the debates when he didn’t recognize the key city in the war in Syria.  Where will the country turn for leadership?  NBC News Political correspondent Steve Handelsman has been on the campaign trail and joins us to assess the race.

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It’s called Bridgegate.  The scandal of an intentional traffic jam that paralyzed the George Washington Bridge 3 years ago.  The jam was created by aides to Gov. Chris Christie and they go on trial this week.  Christie doesn’t but his political future it most definitely at stake.  Statehouse Correspondent Bob Jordan of the Asbury Park Press sorts out who tied up the busiest highway bridge in America, whom they thought they were punishing, and why.  One take home lesson – don’t send that email!!! 

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Zika has devastated hundreds of families in Brazil and, as expected, the virus has moved north.  Zika is rampant in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and shows a growing caseload in south Florida. Why has Congress refused to hep with the crisis?  Dallas Morning News medical reporter Dr Seema Yasmin joins us on Here and There. 

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Nicolas Maduro the radically unpopular radical who is President of Venezuela has tied himself to his top brass in the Venezuelan Army and sent out his police to make political arrests.  Meanwhile his Legislature demands a vote to recall him, and the economy falls farther and farther in bankruptcy.  All this big scale bad news is far outstripped by worse news about everyday life for most Venezuelans, crime, violence, and forced labor and still many families go hungry every night.  AP Buro Chief Joshua Goodmanon the crises in Caracas.

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It’s now 15 years and a day since Al Qaeda terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and killed more than 3000 people.  Still, some basic questions about the attacks and who helped them succeed remain unanswered.  Investigative reporter Jason Leopold of Vice News helps sort through new details from a Congressional investigation first made public in July.

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On the money scoreboard, the 2016 Presidential race is a complete mis-match.  In the primaries Hillary Clinton out-spent Donald Trump by 5 to 1, and still today, Trump continues to run well behind Clinton in fund-raising. One reason is that most of the “serious” right-wing funders, like the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, are sitting the Presidential race out.  This does not mean they’ve given up on this year’s election.  They’re spending their money “down ballot,” to elect Senators, Representatives, Governors and more local officials.  Jane Mayer’s best-seller Dark Money profiles the players and explains the money games they excel in. 

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The Justice Department says it will not renew any more contracts for privately-run prisons, because they create profits by cheaping out on everything from employee salaries and training to services for prisoners.  But the Department of Human Services says it’s happy with its recent private contract for the biggest immigrant detention center ever in America. Susan Terrio of Georgetown University studied DHS’ treatment of undocumented children over a 5 year period.  Her biggest problem: the Federal agencies’ policy of keeping  hidden everything that happens to a child after he or she is taken into Border Patrol custody. 

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20 years ago, Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich combined to, as they loved to say it: “end welfare as we know it.”  One thing neither of them ever talk about is the beneath-the-underclass they created: people with few welfare benefits and almost no cash…people Living on $2 a Day.  Kathryn Edin of Johns Hopkins University literally wrote the book, reporting from the ground up on the real lives of people without money.  And by they way, almost everyone of them would gladly work if they could find a job that made sense.

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It’s Labor Day, the perfect time to think again about one of America’s worst, persistent labor abuses…the abuse of the Federal statute known as H1B, by some of America’s biggest and richest corporations, who take jobs way from American workers and hand them to cheaper foreign temps, and often threaten to cut the severance pay of workers who refuse to train their replacements.  Where, you ask are the Dept of Labor, the Justice Dept fighting to protect American workers and the law?  The same place as the Obama White House, standing by.  Patrick Thibodeau of Computer World broke this story and has stayed on it. 

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High school is for young adults…people transitioning out of the protected life of pre-adolescence into the so-called real world, a place of adult-like issues of personal rivalry, and sexual identity.  These complexities define the content of the book market called “young adult.”  John Feinstein is among its most successful writers, specializing in books about high school sports, a genre that has changed as dramatically as the lives of today’s mid-teenagers.  John talks about his books and the American literary tradition they are part of.

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Amos Kamil always knew there were dark shadows at his famous New York City prep school Horace Mann, but it wasn’t until decades after his graduation that he learned the school was rife with sexual exploitation of students by members of the faculty and staff.  His investigative reporting called out school administrators whose response was, well, awful, refusing to admit guilt and brutalizing victims who sued for compensation.  Truth may win out, but justice for sexually abused former Horace Mann students seems far away.

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“Funny business” is a phrase meant to be ironic.  “Funny business” is not funny…or not funny ha-ha, and funny business hardly runs like a legitimate enterprise.  And neither does the business of comedy.  In his book, The Comedians, Kliph Nesteroff presents a history of comedy in America told through its often funny comics and the often unfunny people who hire them.  There are laughs and characters aplenty, but there are serious questions, too…like when and how to be funny in the days after 9/11.

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When Gerald Moore’s family moved from their ranch to Tucumcari, he thought they’d arrived in a big town.  And when he moved to Albuquerque and a job reporting for the Tribune all the opportunities seemed even bigger.  Next to come for Gerald: New York City and LIFE Magazine…a reporter’s life, covering urban riots and the dawn of LSD, among other stories…and big questions like…which picture best summed up the Pope’s visit to America…the one at St Patrick’s Cathedral or the one at Yankee Stadium?

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Today on HERE & THERE:  we begin a review of some our favorite conversations about books with their authors.  Ann Jones’ THEY WERE SOLDIERS is an enduring classic of war reporting.  Ann focuses on a crucial question the news media are likely to overlook: what happens to wounded American soldiers after they come home from war?  The answer will leave you very uncomfortable.  Among the many things left out of President George W Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s plans for war in Iraq and Afghanistan was caring for American casualties. 

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The Donald Trump Presidential campaign seems stuck in a downward direction.  Can the new third campaign management team turn things around?  Their plan C, is to return to Trump’s Plan A….let Donald be Donald.  But isn’t that what started his crash in the first place?  Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston’s new book explains just who Trump is, when he’s being himself…and what it might mean for America if a guy whose watchword in business is “revenge,” loses the Presidential election. 

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Dr. Bill Thomas was just starting out as a doctor when he found himself caring for dozens of elderly people in a nursing home.  It was a sad and depressing place, but Dr Thomas figured out how to transform it into an Eden…and from that sprung a global movement to use plants and animals not as decorations by as life-extenders.  From there, Bill’s path has led him to tiny homes for self-sufficient elders and improved designs for emergency rooms for better treatment of old patients.

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By almost every social and economic measurement, Native Americans are this country’s poorest people, especially if they live on Indian reservations.  Wall Street Journal contributor Naomi Schaefer Riley says, in her new book, The New Trail of Tears: How Washington is Destroying American Indians, that much of the blame for these facts goes to the US Government and its paternalistic laws and policies that make Indian self-help in economic development almost impossible. Riley also indicts education on the reservation, which, she says, makes Indians who leave the rez way behind in the competition for good jobs.

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Radiologicial Dirty Bombs are relatively cheap and relatively easy to make.  And although the number of people they might kill is relatively small, their economic and psychological effects could be huge.  Which makes it surprising that, so far, they’ve never figured in a successful attack in the United States.  Investigative reporter Patrick Malone of the Center for Public Integrity says, one thing that deserves no credit for preventing dirty bomb attacks is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s security program.  Government investigators have tested it twice in the last 9 years.  It flunked both times. 

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To win contracts, private prisons have been be cost-competitive with public facilities.  To get shareholders and capital, they have to make a profit.  How do they do it?  Shane Bauer of Mother Jones Magazine went undercover for 4 months as a corrections officer at a Corrections Corporation of America prison in Louisiana, and he found the answers you’d expect…lower salaries, fewer benefits, and far worse conditions for prisoners.  All of which, he tells us, have effects on those private prisons and people who live and work there…himself, he says, painfully included.

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Since early this summer, anxiety has been rising at Democratic Party headquarters, as executives and staff have dealt with the hacking of their computers, probably by Russian intelligence.  Just before the Democratic convention, Wikileaks released thousands of insider emails, showing how much party officials favored Hillary Clinton to win the Presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders.  Cyber-war specialist Shane Harris of The Daily Beast on Democratic fears that worse leaks are yet to come.  Shane also points out the hackers apparently stole not just party political messages, but personal data that puts more than 100 Democratic workers and funders at risk for identity theft.

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Apparently, no one told Donald Trump about it, but there’s a war going on in Ukraine, with national forces fighting pro-Russian separatists, and maybe a few Russian soldiers, as well.  It’s called the frozen war, because the front lines hardly move, but the shooting and the dying grind on.  Foreign correspondent Nick Schifrin saw it from both sides, and he also witnessed a different kind of Ukrainian conflict, the war against government corruption, big and national, small and local.  Here, too, it’s hard to say who’s winning.

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If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, she will not only be the first female President, her husband Bill will be the first First Gentleman, as well as the first White House spouse to also hold the title President.  Nina Burleigh, political correspondent for Newsweek points out…there are potential problems here. Not only what Mr. Clinton’s title should be, but what kinds of jobs might he have, or what special projects might he be given, and, of course, where will his office be.  The one next to the President is already taken – by the Vice President.  

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Some people look at a mountain stream like the Gila River in SW NM and see wildness, nature before man laid a hand on it.  Other see the Gila and say, how can man make it better?  …or is it just…make it more expensive?  No question the Gila is beautiful just as it is, but environmental reporter Laura Paskus of NM in Depth says, for decades politicians have been planning to harness the Gila, redistribute its waters and spend up to a billion dollars.  That grand plan has run out of money, but a new proposal could still cost more than $300 million without even counting the cost of decades of maintenance.

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The political conventions are over.  The Republicans and the Democrats have had their fun and had their say.  So, what were the messages they have left in their wake?  And did the speeches and performances change any voters’ minds?  Political analyst Thomas Frank, author of the recent book Listen, Liberal reviews the convention spectaculars and focus his own spectacles on the road ahead to November.  What does he think of Donald Trump asking Russian President Vladimir Putin to help him win…and of the re-branding of Hillary Clinton to the “change-maker?”   

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Since last November Republican Presidential hopefuls have been throwing a lot of hate at Muslims and Islam.  Most Republican voters take a dim view of both Islam and the people who practice it,  but a series of national polls shows Democratic and Independent voters keep feeling better about both.  University of Maryland Pollster Shibley Telhami says his results have surprised him.  Even after the mass murderer in Orlando told police he followed the Islamic State, most Americans rejected him and –Telhami’s latest poll shows – accepted Muslims and Islam even more. 

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Since the overthrow of the 41 year dictatorship of Muammar Gadafi,  Libya has had a series of failed governments.  Today it still has 2 competing ones.  The UN and US support the one in Tripoli, Russia and Egypt prefer the last elected Parliament based in the eastern city of Tobruk.  But now, a third force might be emerging with the amnesty granted Gadafi’s favorite son Seif al-Islam.  Award-winning Libyan journalist Mustafa Fetouri says the younger Gadafi wants power, and could get it and have more popular support than either present government.

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The NM State Department of Human Services, like the Albuquerque Police Dept is being fitted for court-ordered Federal monitoring.  Despite years of harsh criticism and instructions from the court, a Federal Judge says NM DHS has been cheating legally-entitled citizens out of their Food Stamps and welfare payments. The result, she said, was that many families have been going to bed not just poor, but hungry.  Senior Reporter Joey Peters of the NM Political Report on the latest area of NM governance to require training wheels.

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Since 9/11 the US has spent over $120 Billion on training for foreign police, security and military officers.  But critics say the effort has often failed, because it has no coherent goal, no co-ordination and no oversight , and all too frequently ignores the law that bars known violators of basic human rights from training.  Investigative reporter Douglas Gillison of The Intercept and 100 Reporters helped assemble the database that at least partially details the global training network,” and reporting in Cambodia, found out how easily bad guys get into the program and damage America’s reputation..  He joins us on HERE AND THERE.

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Both the great 17th Century poet John Milton and the pioneering 20th Century baseball executive Branch Rickey said – “Luck is the residue of design.”  In Turkey a lot of people are wondering how much luck played into the attempted coup that enabled President Recep Tayyip Erdogan radically to expand his political power, and how much the coup was the residue of designs drawn by the President himself.  Of course, Turks who wonder aloud risk immediate jailing for “libeling” the President and the Government. Already 10 thousand people have been arrested and 50,000 fired from their jobs. Istanbul resident and New Yorker writer Elliot Ackerman joins us on HERE AND THERE

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A recent Supreme Court 4-4 tie vote sent President Obama’s orders protecting some undocumented immigrant parents and children back to the judge who first sidelined them.  The risk of deportation is going up…and in NM, the deportation risk is the highest in the country.  Uriel J Garcia of the Santa Fe New Mexican explains.  Also, why the House of Representatives wants to keep the label “illegal alien” to refer to people who could be called non-citizens or undocumented immigrants.  The last 2 locutions are always applied to people…the tag “Aliens,” not so much.

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Last year, the worry was that new military equipment and military training might be making American police forces more militaristic.  But that was last year.  This year, critics are focused on new high-tech equipment that is revolutionizing police surveillance techniques and expanding capabilities for data storage and mining.    Police tracking a stolen cell phone might also be tracking yours; and then there’s the problem of garbage in-garbage out.  One lie or mistake could put your home in the crosshairs.  Justin Jouvenal of the Washington Post has been covering the story and re-tells it in an encore HERE AND THERE. 

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When Eric Prince sold Blackwater he said he was getting out of military and paramilitary contracting forever.  He even said this to his new partners.   But it turned out he was fibbing.  David Isenberg, one of the first and still among the foremost analysts of Private Military and security Companies on what the one-time Blackwater Boss has been up to.  Turning crop-duster planes into potential weapons of war was just the beginning.  Accusations he’s been laundering South Sudanese oil money through Chinese banks might cause the end of a super-mercenary’s career.   The CIA reportedly suspects behind the Chinese money deal stand the Chinese intelligence service.

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Financing a Presidential campaign $27 at a time.  Ned Resnikoff of the International Business Times on how the Bernie Sanders campaign did it” matched Hillary Clinton’s campaign dollar for dollar without taking a dime from Super PACS, and how that might be a “game-changer” for American politics.

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Andrew Lustig gave up his video production business in New York and moved to New Mexico to become an EMT.  Now he’s a naturapathic doctor leading Global Outreach Doctors on health care missions around the world.  Most recently he and his team served Syrian refugees living – for who knows how long – in a huge camp in Jordan.  His mission had 2 components – medicine and caring.  It was an experience he says he’ll never forget…even though he intends to repeat it, again and again, in places of need around the world.

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Monitoring the fates of unaccompanied minor border-crossers, today we present the second of 2 encores…this one featuring investigative reporter Garance Burke of the Associated Press (AP)…on how, in absolute defiance of State and Federal law, hundreds of immigrant children are being denied access to public schools.  These are kids who have followed American law and are awaiting court dates to ask for asylum or temporary or permanent legal residence.  But while they wait, their futures are being crippled by school districts that refuse to accept them into classes.  

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Monitoring the fates of unaccompanied minor border-crossers…we present 2 encores:  Today, Tyche Hendricks of KQED radio’s California Report on the so-called “worst” of these young people…the undocumented immigrants who wind up in juvenile detention centers…some for just weeks, some for a year or more of being shuttled from center to center, cell to cell.    Who decides to separate out these teenagers, and on what basis do they make the decision?  No one from ICE, DHS of the Office of Refugee Re-settlement will say. 

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One of the sillier controversies of the 2016 Presidential campaign occurred after Donald Trump pointed to one man in a crowd at a rally and shouted out, “Look, there’s my African-American.”  This in the usually inflated language of CNN created a “massive firestorm.”  Ridiculous said, Gregory Cheadle, the African-American in question, who says he’s not even sure he’ll vote for Trump.  Which makes this doubly-ridiculous according to John Gibbs of, one of “the Donald’s” few real African-American supporters.  He makes a strong defense of his choice.

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There’s been a song and a short movie on how a bill becomes a law on Capitol Hill.  Now there’s a radio program, featuring Jason Plautz of The National Journal, on how one bill, the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act got through the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Barack Obama.  One of the heroes is NM Sen. Tom Udall, a liberal Democrat who joined with a conservative Republican, Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana, to see chemical regulation reform from concept to statute.

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So the United Kingdom has chosen BREXIT. But what does the vote to leave the European Union tell us about the British electorate, and how might it permanently dis-unify what’s been a single sovereign state since 1801?  American pollster and marketing strategist John Zogby has some answers and some thoughts on whether the BREXIT vote might have echoes in America. 

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Diplomatic alliances are meant to last as long as they serve the interests of the allies.  And the United States certainly has interests that are served by our alliance with Egypt.  But happens when you wake up in bed with a monster?  What’s a White House to do when the President of Egypt Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi seems bent on turning the clock back 70 years, to a time of brutal tyranny in Cairo? Top diplomat turned policy analyst Michele Dunne sorts through those hard questions.

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It’s back, persistent abuse of the  Federal Government’s H1-b program which allows certain professional workers to come to the United States as guestworkers in newly created jobs.  It’s not supposed to allow Americans long in their jobs top be tossed aside because the new imports are cheaper.  Patrick Thibodeau of has been THE reporter way ahead on this story. He still is, as reports on  IT workers at some of America’s best-known companies.  Embarrassed once, some companies vowed they’d do better.  But have they?

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An informed rough guess is that Medicare and Medicaid lose about $60 billion a year to fraud.  The losses are huge and the criminal conspiracies can be nationwide, but it’s really a few simple crimes being repeated repeated again and again. Investigative reporter Joe Eaton on why these enormous Federal programs do such a bad job of protecting themselves from crime.  And with a few suggestions that might make it easier to catch the crooks and reclaim the loot before they can hide it.

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Start with this – the United States and Turkey call one another allies. But their priorities and enemies lists are not the same.  Turkish journalist and scholar Pinar Tremblay on the stress put on the alliance when pictures of US Troops in Syria wearing the badge of the Kurdish YPG went viral.  The Turkish government considers the YPG enemy terrorists. The US counts on them in Syria. But in Turkey, the wars in Syria and Iraq are sideshows compared the war at home, with increasing terrorist attacks, and retaliatory arrests and imprisonments, and state take-overs of the opposition news media.

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The American-led war against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is aimed at knocking out IS with a one-two punch, expelling them from their Syrian and Iraqi capitol cities, Raqqa and Mosul.  How’s it going?  Hard to say, because very few reporters go there to see.  One who has gone recently to Northern Iraq is Pulitzer Prize winner Roy Gutman.

Roy went to areas where Kurdish pershmerga are fighting IS with the help of American special forces on the ground and American planes above. And he talked with leaders from the Kurdistan Regional Government.  The American imperative to take the city of Mosul from the Islamic State, Roy says, probably won’t happen during President Obama’s term of office. 

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America has a sex problem.  Some symptoms are attitudinal or verbal abuse, sexual pestering, stalking, groping and worse.  Being part of America, the University of NM sees all these symptoms on campus.  The Federal Department of Education cited them for failing to deal with the problem.  Chris Quintana of the ABQ Journal, and what’s happened since.  One criticism has been that the University has responded to its critics by creating too many offices for fighting sexual imposition, and thereby bringing less help, than confusion.

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One way to measure the success of an economy is its ability to create jobs to match its rising population.  That’s hard to do when industrial jobs “are gone and not coming back.”  Brookings economist Isabel Sawhill on growing new jobs for the post-industrial age, and preparing people to take them.  One big change she foresees, the movement of men into health and teaching jobs presently dominated by women, as women finally get their fair share of science and technology jobs. 

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Right now, there’s a Big 5 in American health insurance, but if 2 mergers get approved, that will take it down to a Big 3.  Studies show, in insurance, the fewer the competitors, the faster consumer prices rise.  Investigations Editor David Sirota of International Business Times on getting merger approval in Connecticut.  Insurance companies and their employees have sent millions of dollars to organizations tied to the governor; he’s put a longtime insurance industry insider in charge of monitoring the merger,  Critics wonder who will protect jobs and consumers in Connecticut?

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When it comes to homeless people, you can’t help them if you can’t find them.  Hank Hughes of the New Mexico Coalition to End homelessness on how new technologies and new attitudes are getting more chronically homeless people into places to live.  The new technology allows social service workers to track people without addresses, while the new attitude is in the Housing First imperative, which says, help homeless people with their addiction problems or mental illness, but first, get them into a home, and let them stay there, even when they slip in rehabilitation.

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They call it BREXIT, the idea that Great Britain should take the exit ramp out of the European Union.  Almost all the experts and authorities want the UK to stay in, but the polls still have it too close to call.  Gregory Katzis AP Bureau Chief in London, reporting and directing reporting on the Brexit story. The June 23 vote is expected to split the ruling Conservative party, and enhance the right-wing UK Independence Party, but how will followers of the opposition Labor Party vote?   One way or the other, estimates are this is a vote with billions of pounds of economic activity in the balance. 

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The latest on Zika and its threat to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games… Elizabeth Whitman, health business reporter for International Business Times talks about the high-powered 150 “experts” who’ve said the games should be moved or postponed and the swift rejection that idea got from the International Olympic Committee, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.)  The medical people say global spread of Zika is so inevitable from normal human travel between the Zika Zone and the rest of the world that half a million visitors in Brazil for the Olympics won’t make much of a difference. The IOC has more than $4 billion in revenues at stake. 

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Covering Hillary Clinton, on the Presidential campaign trail for more than a year now, AP National Political Reporter Lisa Lerer, has a problem: the candidate won’t talk to her.  It’s not personal, she just doesn’t bother with print reporters.  The guy from the Washington Post has been frozen out for 13 months!  But don’t worry, there’s still plenty to report just from public events. And Lisa has the benefit of living institutional memory from her AP colleague Beth Harpaz, whose recently-re-published classic book The Girls in the Van, is about covering Hillary Clinton’s first Senate Campaign 16 years ago.  One judgment both reporters share is that the word for Hillary is “unknowable.”

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Many of these children literally walked a thousand miles and swam a river to sneak into the United States, in search of family members or voluntary protectors who will help them find better lives.  They’ve made it that far, says Associated Press investigative reporter Garance Burke, only to be turned away from American public schools.  Laws in all the states and the Federal Government say this shouldn’t be happening, but it is, and remember, all the people being denied their right to an education here are children.

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In an America too often paralyzed by partisan or ideological divisions, stakeholders who used to be enemies joined forces to make 2 big Federal environmental projects move forward.  Elizabeth Shogren of High Country News on potential good news for hikers in New Mexico and Colorado and farmers, Native Americans and salmon in Washington State.  She also explains how these Green coalitions came to work together and why not everyone is happy with that work produced.

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Venezuela, for decades a prosperous and proud nation is now defined by stores with nothing to sell, hospitals with no medicines to give, and streets red with blood from violent vigilante mobs, protesters and military and security forces.  AP Bogota Buro Chief Josh Goodman on the economic, political and social implosion in Caracas, the capitol next door.  President Nicolas Maduro has declared a State of Emergency and seems to be moving closer to the military.  The opposition controls the legislature and wants a referendum to toss Maduro out.  The search for compromise isn’t turning up much.

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You know their names, Janet Yellin, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker…but do you know how much power these Chairs of the Federal Reserve Board now wield over the American economy.  Scholar and author Lawrence Jacobs of the University of Minnesota says the Fed’s powers have grown too great to do anyone but Wall Street much good.  The co-author of the new book Fed Power on how the Federal Reserve was created, checked and balanced, and then allowed to escape virtually all Federal oversight and regulation.

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I say Darfur; you say genocide…but when you finish with this political Rohrshach test, the next question is harder: What will the world actually do about the mass murder of civilians in this western province of Sudan? Scholar and Darfur advocate Ahmed H Adam of the Institute for African Development at Cornell University in Cairo’s has a forth-coming book and its title is telling: it’s Darfur Betrayed: An Insider Perspective.  What’s he talking about?  Well, a recent referendum of Darfur’s future has gotten a lot of international acceptance, Adam says it doesn’t deserve.

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When terrorists attack civilian targets as they did in Paris and Brussels the first impacts are personal and political, but make no mistake, the costs of terrorism are also economic.  Washington-based economist Gary Hufbauer of the Peterson Institute for International Economics looks at the latest attacks on the Euro and on economically and politically divided Europe.

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It was in the movie, All the President’s Men,” that the anonymous source “Deep Throat” told Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, on the trail of who the scandal that became known as “Watergate,” QUOTE “Follow the money.”  Well, if you want evidence of an economic shift from television to the internet, International Business Times media reporter Oriana Schwindt has the same advice – “follow the money.”

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The author of Lone Survivor and the Afghan who saved his life once called one another brother…now they don’t speak at all.  The story of a heroic friendship gone astray.  RM Ross Schniederman talks about his Newsweek cover story.

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Nigerian President Muhammedou Buhari is trying to clean up a corrupt government and a corrupt society while simultaneously fighting Boko Haram and gangs of oil industry extortionists. AP Lagos Buro Chief Michelle Faul on how he’s doing.

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A hedge fund kingpin and Goldman Sachs designed a fund of toxic mortgages and had them sold to suckers and made a billion bucks.  One little salesman was fined …the bosses got impunity.  Pulitzer Prize winner Jesse Eisinger lays out the sad story.

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First he sold his video business; then he became an EMT.  Now he leads medical care missions around the world.  Andrew Lustig of Santa Fe and Doctors Global Outreach on what he learned treating Syrian refugees in Jordan.

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The US has quietly been adding special forces fighters and regular military trainers in Iraq…but, says RAND Corporation senior analyst Linda Robinson, the results are not sufficient to defeat the Islamic State….and as for a planned battle to retake the city of Mosul, she says the Iraqi forces aren’t ready for the job.

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Bankrupt Greece is being bled economically by Europe and now find itself on the wrong side of the Continental barrier put up against Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees.  Reporter Alexander Clapp of Foreign Policy on the toll this double-dose of hard times is taking on Greeks. And their migrant guests.

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Among the unaccompanied minors caught crossing the US border, some 600 have been judged “the worst.”  But what does that mean? And who judged them and by what standard?  Reporter Tyche Hendricks of KQED radio’s California Report on the Office of Refugee Re-settlement’s juvenile detention system.

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After 15 years of American charges and Chinese denials of cyber-crimes like economic espionage and national security hacking, it looks like there’s been a dramatic diplomatic break-through.  Scott Warren Harold of the RAND Corporation on the sudden “cyber-truce” between Washington and Beijing.

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Libya has a new Government of National Accord, shaped by the UN, recognized by the US, the UK, France, Germany and other allies…so why can’t it leave the naval base it is occupying, much less govern Libya?  Award-winning Libyan journalist Mustafa Fetouri on life, crime and human trafficking.

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The US military says the Islamic State is losing in Iraq andSyria…but it’s still growing in Libya, Afghanistan and northwestAfrica.  Veteran Mideast journalist and author PatrickCockburn, on the al-Qaeda spin-off he’s been following sinceshortly after President Bush claimed “Mission Accomplished” inIraq. 

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A team of international expert prosecutors and investigatorsblasts the Mexican government for its utter failure to solve thecase of 43 disappeared college students.   Mark Stevensonof AP’s Overseas Press Club Award-winning Mexico City bureau on abungled case of apparent mass murder.

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Remember when the NY Times, Washington Post and CNN were all reporting the Obama Administration was seriously cutting back on civil forfeiture because it seizes cash and property from innocent citizens?  Turns out the reports were wrong on all counts.  Attorney General Eric Holder mis-described what he was going to do, and now his successor Loretta Lynch is reversing his tiny policy change.

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There could be oil in the ground of Sandoval County, just west of Rio Rancho, NM.  Even though the prospective drill site is 4 miles from the nearest backyard, citizens organized against something they thought might put drilling equipment and heavy trucks too close for comfort.  Rio Rancho Observer reporter Antonio Sanchez on why the oil is staying where it is.

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If Donald Trump’s life and Presidential campaign are anything like his TV show, sometime this week, we should hear him say the 2 words for which he is still most famous: “You’re fired.”  The target? Could be Paul Manafort, recently hired to manage the Trump campaign.  But he seems to think he gets to manage Trump himself.  NBC Newsman Steve Handelsman on the 2016 Presidential campaigns

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When he moved as a child from a farm near Vaughn, NM to the town of Tucumcari, Gerald Moore says it felt he was going to a big city.  Then he grew up, moved to Albuquerque, became a journalist and wound up writing for LIFE magazine in Los Angeles, Chicago and NYC.  The education of an American journalist…from the NM prairie to the Big Apple.

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There are 700,000 ticking time bombs in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.  700,000 Syrian refugee children who are out of school, their educations stopped, their futures crippled.  RAND Corporation analyst Shelly Culbertson wonders with us, how many might someday want to take a terrorist’s revenge?

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It’s probably the #1 American public health story of the decade – how tens of thousands of  White, middle-class Americans got addicted to opiate prescription pain killers and then illicit Mexican black tar heroin.  Sam Quinones told the story in his book DREAMLAND…he’s our guest today on HERE AND THERE.

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Keeping democracy alive can be a difficult business.  Brookings Institution scholar Ted Piccone knows this better than most.  He wrote a new book about 5 key democracies on the rise, and by the time it was published the democratic characteristics of 2 of them were falling.  What happened in Brazil and Turkey?

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It looked like it was going to be the biggest 4th Amendment fight in years, over whether the Constitution protected privacy against the determination of the FBI to force Apple to hack into the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone.  Then the FBI announced it found another way. Cyberwar expert Shane Harris of on Apple vs the FBI.

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Countries in Europe have tried everything from fences and walls to temporary and more permanent refugee camps to stop the migration of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan to Europe.  Demetrios Papademetriou of the Migration Policy Institute on the crisis that is twisting Europe and testing the world.

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The Federal Monitor guiding the reform of the Albuquerque Police Department asked for a new policy on dealing with civil disturbances.  He suggested the 140 page plan of the Metro PD in Washington, DC.  The Albuquerque PD turned in a page and a half.  Jeff Proctor of on more reasons Monitor James Ginger is displeased.

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What happens politically when the self-declared party of the left gives up on the working class?  It’s the same thing that happens when you remove one leg of a triangulation: collapse.  Thomas Frank, author of LISTEN, LIBERAL on the self-mutilation of the Democratic Party, the Bern and the Donald.

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Today on HERE AND THERE,  It's called an "investigatory stop."  It's when police pull over a driver not because he or she has broken a traffic law, but because they want to investigate further.  It happens so disproportionately to minority drivers, Chuck Epp and his University of Kansas colleagues found, it feels and hurts and divides society like racial profiling.

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New Mexicans like to jokingly call their state, the land of the flea and the home of the plague.  Richard Hamburg of the Trust for America’s Health on slowing federal investment in infectious diseases could affect containing plague HERE in NM and keeping Ebola THERE in West Africa.

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