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The US and its hemispheric allies want to send humanitarian aid across the Colombian border into Venezuela, but President Nicolas Maduro is shut the frontier to keep out the needed, but he says, humiliating offer of food and medicine.  Joshua Goodman, Andean News Director for AP, the Associated Press reports from Caracas on a political crisis that seems to be getting worse.  The US is strongly supporting National Assembly President Juan Guaido’s claim that he is the legitimate interim leader of Venezuela.

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America’s top 3 security officers, the heads of the FBI and the CIA and Director of National Intelligence say one thing; President Trump says another.  The Islamic State is not defeated, say the experts; they will be soon, says the President. And there are profound disagreements about the nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea. Only President Trump believes Iran is building a bomb, and only he believes North Korea will give up theirs.  Respected Washington analyst Joe Cirincione of The Ploughshares Fund sorts it out…

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 The economic and political implosion in Venezuela has sent millions of people out of the country – between 2 ½ and 3 million, says the United Nations.  More than a million refugees are now living in Colombia… and top government officials predict that number could double in a couple of years.  Christine Armario of the Bogota bureau of the Associated Press (AP) has covered the conflict over a now-closed tent camp in the capital, and several, much larger, more permanent-looking camps close to the Venezuelan border.

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It’s news when Israel shoots missiles at Iranian military facilities in Syria.  But it’s bigger news when they publicly announce it and say they’ve done it hundreds of times. Kenneth M. Pollack of the American Enterprise Institute and author of Armies of Sand: The Past, Present, and Future of Arab Military Effectiveness on what’s going on here.

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Since 2000 it’s been Federal law that Federal nuclear workers only needed to show they had one of 22 radiation-linked cancer and proof they worked a plant that had had nuclear accidents, and incomplete records on human exposures to claim medical coverage and a lump-sum benefit.  But Rebecca Moss of The New Mexican says workers from Los Alamos Labs who would seem to qualify often get nothing.

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We Want to Negotiate…4 words no government ever wants to hear from terrorist kidnappers.  It’s also the title of a new book by Joel Simon, Executive Director of The Committee to Protect Journalists, who are all too often the hostages being negotiated for…, if their governments are willing.  The US Govt is not. 

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It was 1990, and a Congress tired of being lied to by agencies of the Federal Government passed the Chief Financial Officers Act, which required all departments of Uncle Sam’s government to submit to annual audits.  28 years later, they all had complied, except the Defense Department.  Investigative reporter Dave Lindorff of The Nation and tell us why.

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“People with disabilities” learn to deal with them.  Why?  Basically to keep up with the rest of us, to be treated simply as “people,” to avert separation.  So why is it that we still have so many tests, and rules that exclude and isolate people with physical or cognitive differences from the norm?

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Making recreational use of marijuana legal has long been an ambition of the NM Democratic Party.  Now there’s a Democratic Governor and Democratic majority in both houses of the Legislature.  So does that mean legal pot’s a sure thing?  Not according to investigative reporter Mike Gallagher of the ABQ Journal – the vote, like the issue itself is complicated.  Any legalization law will have to cover who can use marijuana and where, and who can sell it and where, and regulate standards of quality and collection of taxes.  Among other things… 

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On Dr. Martin Luther King Day, we consider whether life as has changed for people of color in America during the Donald Trump Era.  With our guest, the Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, we examine 4 cornerstones to Dr. King’s concept of the good life: security, civility, justice and opportunity.

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