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In Panama, last weekend, an event and a handshake that President Obama called “historic.”  The event -- the Summit of the Americas, the handshake -- with Cuban leader Raul Castro, and the result, most at the Summit agreed could be a more productive Western Hemisphere.  Today on HERE AND THERE, David Ariosto of Al Jazeera America telling what he saw and sensed at the Panama Summit.

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Tunisia is the one place where the ideals of the Arab Spring of 2011 are still very much alive.  But a recent terrorist attack that killed 21 tourists in Tunis is challenging both Tunisia’s political ideals and culture of civility.  IS says it did the attack, but many doubt the claim.  Today on HERE AND THERE, Tunis-based journalist Eric Reidy discusses the threats to the freest country in the Islamic world.

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Danny Schechter was a man of his time, a fighter for civil rights in America and a biographer of Nelson Mandela,  the epitome of the cutting-edge journalism of the 1960s, and a pioneer of the global conversation of new and old media of thec 21st century.  Today on HERE AND THERE, his long-time partner in news and activism Rory O’Connor talks about a reporter both relentless and happy.

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Ever see, read or hear Les Miserables?  Well, Max Villatoro is living it. A beloved Mennonite Minister and community leader, Villatoro was seized by agents of the Immigration Agents and swiftly deported to Honduras.  He has a wife and 4 US Citizen children, but on today’s HERE AND THERE, Grace Meng, of Human Rights Watch says Villatoro could be separated from his family forever.  HERE AND THERE, right after the 5 o’clock news.

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The Islamic State brand is going global...supporters of the Islamist terrorist group are planting their Black Flag in Pakistan and Uzbekistan, Libya, Yemen and Nigeria, as well as Syria and Iraq.  Today on HERE AND THERE, UNM Professor Emile Nakleh analyzes the appeal and the expanding threat of the world's worst revolutionary fighting force.

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Remember Sen. John McCain's Beach Boys parody, Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran...Saudi Arabia might like to, but instead they're bombing Yemen, claiming they're defeating an Iranian imperial proxy. Today on HERE AND THERE, Journalist Adam Baron who reported from Yemen for years on collateral damage and unintended consequences.

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Goodluck Jonathan, the incumbent President of Nigeria loses, and admits it with grace, thereby doing a favor for the winner Muhammadu Buhari and a bigger one for Nigeria.  Today on HERE AND THERE, former US diplomat, turned policy analyst and thriller writer Todd Moss talks about Africa -- the possibilities for better times in Nigeria and worse times in Zimbabwe.

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Martha and Grant Franks went from Santa Fe to Beijing, to teach and to learn.  On HERE AND THERE today, they'll tell us about both experiences, with Chinese students, faculty members and the Communist Party educational bureaucracy.  Plus, they got to survive China's environmental disaster, the air your bathe in Beijing.

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In Yemen chaos has gone from a continuing condition to a hyper-active emergency.  In Syria, the bad guys have won a big victory over the worse guys, while the worst guys -- the Islamic State remain a powerful threat.  On HERE AND THERE, Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent Roy Gutman is our guest today, sorting out a Mideast gone mad.

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 Is America menaced by a new cyberwar?  Or is it just a new hi-tech form of international competition?  Our guest today on HERE AND THERE is reporter and author Shane Harris, whose recent book @War looked with remarkable clarity at both possibilities.  But, he says Cyberwarfare has already bounced counter-terrorism into second place in National Security budgets and priorities. 

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