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In the Middle East, the United States says it has only one mission – to defeat Islamic State terrorism.  But most of our allies in the region, who did almost all of the actual fighting, have several different agendas.  Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent Roy Gutman, who has recently visited the conflict zone in Syria, reports this often involves small-scale but bitterly fought wars between our allies.  As both American-supported and Russian-supported forces get closer to the Islamic State’s Syrian capital of Raqqa the danger of clashes involving both Russians and Americans is growing.

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A recent series of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester in the United Kingdom, like attacks in the United States in the past several years, appear to be the work of “lone wolves,” operating independently of any Islamic State or Al Qaeda management or networking.  They are what RAND Corporation Terrorism analyst Brian Michael Jenkins calls “pure terrorism.”  He says they are a product of the shrinking territory and bankroll at Islamic State command headquarters and they present new problems for security forces meant to defeat them.

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After the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, America’s Veterans Administration Hospitals are facing more cases of Post-traumatic-Stress-Injury than ever before…and their standard treatments, anti-depression drugs and traditional psycho-therapy are failing many vets.  Matthew Farwell went through Hell in Afghanistan and then underwent both those treatments, to limited effect.  Then he got what some call, The God Shot, and felt a lot better quickly and still does a couple of years later. 

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The Trump Administration approach to methane, the climate-heating greenhouse gas is relight the flares and celebrate their brightness.  Of course, you and the planet might choke on the fumes.  Environmental reporter Laura Paskus on a double-barreled blow to regulation designed to make the Koch brothers, among others, very happy.  Then there’s the Gila River diversion project, the best thing to be said of it is … it probably won’t happen, but meanwhile NM Gov. Martinez is spilling millions of dollars on it.

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The battle for the city of Mosul, the biggest by far in Northern Iraq continues, with the forces of the Islamic State more and more encircled and diminished.  But Tony Cheng, who has been covering this battlefront since March for CGTN, the Chinese English-language news channel, says that claims that ISIS is on the ropes, and that the endgame has begun may be a bit pre-mature.  Tony reports the fighting, often house by house and block by block in the Old City of West Mosul remains fierce, and far from completely locked into the Old City, he says, ISIS forces continue to cause alarm in the hinterlands south and west of the city. 

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British Prime Minister Theresa May thought she was launching an easy victory tour when she called a snap election for Parliament.  Instead she lost her party its majority and almost lost her job.  AP’s London Bureau Chief Gregory Katz looks at what went wrong for May and what might happen next for the UK.  First on May’s agenda is negotiating BREXIT, Britain’s exit from the European Union.  She wanted a separation that was quick and complete…but what she wants may not matter. 

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President Donald Trump’s approval ratings keep falling.  No wonder, given that many of his biggest moves, like dumping the Paris environmental agreement and destroying Obamacare fly in the face of the expressed wishes for roughly 70% of American voters.  His smaller, less publicized moves may prove equally unpopular.  Senior national affairs correspondent Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post has been keeping close track of them.  Among the things Trump’s de-funding, workplace protections against employment discrimination and dangers to health and safety, and then there’s the deregulation of the environment.  Methane emissions are coming back, big time.

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To hear Gov. Susana Martinez tell it, the economy of New Mexico will soon be bouncing back as oil and gas prices rise.  2 things shadow that happy talk…oil prices seem stalled again, well below $50 a barrel, and even if prices come back, tax revenues from oil jobs may not follow.  Matthew Reichbach of the New Mexico Political Report on this impoverished state’s prospects after a legislative special session robbed most of the state’s piggy bank funds.  The Governor’s chosen hallmark is “No new taxes,” but some say the real meaning is, “No new ideas; no new investments for New Mexico.

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Turkey’s present is bad enough, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan exploiting a State of Emergency and the new powers granted him by a recent and highly questionable referendum to make more political arrests and foreclose more platforms for public communication.  But Pinar Tremblay, columnist at Al Monitor says Turkey’s future may be defined for a plan to build more than 100 new prisons.  Meanwhile Erdogan’s tattered army has been cut out of the main fight to defeat the Islamic State and 2 of his biggest economic backers are squabbling. 

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After a commando raid in Yemen which cost the American military one of its most expensive airplanes and, much worse, the life of Navy Seal “Ryan’ Owens, the White House called it a success.  But award-winning reporter Iona Craig sneaked into that dangerous country and trekked 1000 miles to see the target village and talk with survivors of a raid that killed more than 2 dozen civilians.  A success is not what she calls it.  As for the war itself, no one is winning, but Yemen’s civilians, killed by the thousands by American-supported Saudi and Emerati bombing, are now facing famine. 

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