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Emmanuel Macron won the Presidency of France promising to bring new ideas to a more people-connected government.  But his rule has been called regal, distant, stuck with old-school trickle down economic ideas and tone-deaf to the people.  And that was before he went to diplomatic war with Italy and got himself crosswise with his chief European ally, Angela Merkel.  And did anyone mention the economic threats from Brexit? AP Paris Buro Chief Angela Charlton brings us up to date on the story.

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The County Commission in poor, underpopulated Mora County in Northeastern New Mexico voted to ban fracking.  Their ordinance was overturned in Albuquerque Federal Court, but one Commissioner who lost his seat for backing the ban says, Mora County set an example that’s been more successfully adapted in states like Maryland and New York.   David Luis Leal Cortez made a film, Drilling Mora County about the issue. It’ll be shown in Santa Fe on Sunday…and it should be noted, even without the ban, no fracking, no energy development at all, has taken place in Mora County. 

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After a couple of decades as a community leader and advocate in Oakland, California, Sister Simone Campbell went national, establishing the NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice and travelling the country as part The Nuns on the Bus.  She recently spent a week in New Mexico, listening to poor people in the cities, Albuquerque and Las Cruces, and especially in rural areas of the state.  She’ll tell us what she learned about, the need for the SNAP – food stamps – program without political restrictions on eligibility.  Why not, she asks, just assure that no Americans go hungry?

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The US and its hemispheric allies want to send humanitarian aid across the Colombian border into Venezuela, but President Nicolas Maduro is shut the frontier to keep out the needed, but he says, humiliating offer of food and medicine.  Joshua Goodman, Andean News Director for AP, the Associated Press reports from Caracas on a political crisis that seems to be getting worse.  The US is strongly supporting National Assembly President Juan Guaido’s claim that he is the legitimate interim leader of Venezuela.

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America’s top 3 security officers, the heads of the FBI and the CIA and Director of National Intelligence say one thing; President Trump says another.  The Islamic State is not defeated, say the experts; they will be soon, says the President. And there are profound disagreements about the nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea. Only President Trump believes Iran is building a bomb, and only he believes North Korea will give up theirs.  Respected Washington analyst Joe Cirincione of The Ploughshares Fund sorts it out…

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 The economic and political implosion in Venezuela has sent millions of people out of the country – between 2 ½ and 3 million, says the United Nations.  More than a million refugees are now living in Colombia… and top government officials predict that number could double in a couple of years.  Christine Armario of the Bogota bureau of the Associated Press (AP) has covered the conflict over a now-closed tent camp in the capital, and several, much larger, more permanent-looking camps close to the Venezuelan border.

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It’s news when Israel shoots missiles at Iranian military facilities in Syria.  But it’s bigger news when they publicly announce it and say they’ve done it hundreds of times. Kenneth M. Pollack of the American Enterprise Institute and author of Armies of Sand: The Past, Present, and Future of Arab Military Effectiveness on what’s going on here.

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